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Project information

Re-electrification of Kagando Hospital & Campus

To completely refurbish and update Kagando hospital's electrical distribution network using renewable efficient energy from hydro-electric & solar power. Kagando serves a poor rural community of subsistence farmers in S.W. Uganda and is struggling with an expensive, unreliable, and unsafe system.

1 year

Charity information: Friends Of Kagando

Friends Of Kagando
  • Need


    Over the years Kagando's electricity distribution network has been expanded indiscriminately and has become inefficient unreliable and unsafe.For instance premature babies, dependent on ventilators risk dying when power fails. The electricity supply is now completely inadequate for the hospital's needs and sensitive medical equipment is being damaged as a result of fluctuations in voltage. Present dependence on a diesel generator or grid electricity is too costly for this struggling hospital.


    The proposed new electricity distribution network will be designed by a qualified UK engineer to high safety standards. It will use cheap efficient renewable energy distributed through a reliable network. This is being done in conjunction with rebuilding and enlarging a small hydro-electric scheme which has fallen into disrepair and when completed will provide for the hospital's increasing need for electrical power and save much needed money which will be available to use for patient care.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide an efficient safe and reliable electricity distribution network


    » Electrical engineer makes a survey and designs new distribution network
    » . Plans for new network to be submitted to the chosen contractor for discussion and ratification.
    » Materials for overall project to be purchased.
    » Work begins to replace old electrical network with new.

    What success will look like

    Success will be no power failures. No interruption of hospital staff''s work by breakdown or failure of equipment., better service to patients and no preventable loss of life.

    Aim 2

    Provide for increasing power requirements of the hospital to enable it operate modern equipment.


    » Completion of Hydro-electric project which is complementary to the hospital's electricity distribution network.
    » Installation of Solar Voltaic panels some of which have been bought and installed already.

    What success will look like

    Success will be being able to buy and use innovative medical equipment to improve diagnostic and treatment facilities for patients.

  • Impact


    Kagando hospital has a vital role in saving lives and maintaining the dignity of the very poor community it serves. It is struggling financially and could never afford the improvements proposed. We want it to maintain its excellent reputation for good quality care. The long term success will be demonstrated by more patients using the hospital with confidence,better health in the community and the hospital succeeding in reducing its debt.


    Previous problems have involved unwise choice of contractors to implement the building schemes.. As the charity who is providing funding for this project we would want to have a major say in choice of the contractor and be sure they had the expertise to complete the job. References will be sought and contracts drawn up to ensure high quality workmanship within a reasonable time with penalties if resources are wasted. Employment of experienced electrical engineer as project manager.


    Normally we keep donors informed with regular newsletters distributed electronically. We would also welcome visitors to Kagando to review progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 switchgear distribution boards
      £12,000 materials cable fittings connections power points etc
      £9,000 labour local skilled labour plus project manager
  • Background


    Hospital is situated in the foothills of Rwenzori mountains about 250 miles west of Kampala Uganda.serving a population of 3/4 million mainly very poor subsistence farmers living in & near the mountains. It has a a reputation for excellence and care., motto 'We care ,God heals' It is a leading Ugandan hospital for vesico-vaginal fistula repair..It is involved in local primary school, micro finance, agricultural projects, university training of nurses & lab technicians, also community outreaches


    Patients will benefit from a safe reliable electrical system e.g.,artificially ventilated babies won't be put at risk by power cuts ,radiological & lab services will operate more effectively, physio and O.T. propose to extend available treatments Surgery including vesico-vaginal fistula repair will function reliably if equipment &sterilisers don't fail. Similarly all other departments will benefit leading to better staff morale & much improved health care for the local community.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    In 2003 Friends of Kagando was set up to support the hospital & local community Founders included medical, nursing educational & management ex pats.who had worked in the hospital & community, some for many years. This tradition has continued , present Trustees continue to visit regularly,some work voluntarily in the hospital.This gives them knowledge and insight into the culture and problems of running an African hospital. All have a passion for improving the life and health of these people.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Canon Benson Baguma

    Executive director of Kagando hospital for more than 10 years,a dedicated man of integrity and ability who has a vision to improve Kagando hospital.

    Paul Allen

    Qualified electrical engineer experienced in designing similar systems who is committed to the project and has already completed a survey.