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Urgent Relief - Digging 10 Wells in Afghanistan

To help bring life to others through providing fresh, clean drinking water for remote villages in Afghanistan where waterborne diseases are a major contributory factor to death, especially children younger than five years old.

August 2014 - December 2014

Charity information: Afghanistan & Central Asian Association

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  • Need


    One of the major challenges the people in Pulekhomri face is the lack of a good clean water source. Without clean, safe drinking water many type of diseases, dehydration and even premature death constantly plague the local people. Their babies and children are particularly vulnerable. Thousands of mothers have to make a daily choice of either watching their children die of dehydration, or giving them water that is polluted and full of deadly bacteria.


    The ACAA has been approached by local residents of isolated villages of Pul-e-khumri in April 2014 to develop this project plan by drilling wells in Pule-khumri districts, serving a community of around 6000 people in the deprived and drought-hit areas. The project will be monitored by our Citizens Advice Centres launched last year, local NGO’s and the local authority.
    The immediate solution is to construct 10 water wells. Each well complete with a hand pumping system would cost about £2000

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Objective One: To provide isolated villages with access to clean drinkable water.


    » In Afghanistan, the local community urged us to start drilling wells to provide potable water to the isolated districts and villages of Pulekhomri.

    What success will look like

    The success of the above aim would be demonstrated by a reduction in the number of diseases and illnesses present in the area as well as a decrease in the number of needy people.

  • Impact


    The positive change in the communities is simply phenomenal.
    Local people, especially children will have access to potable water and so can attend school and concentrate better, thus reversing psychological scars as well as improving personal hygiene.
    The ability to plant and grow crops and trees.
    Improved standards of living in the countryside will contribute towards long term political and economical stability.
    Maintaining fruitful ties with with the local government in future projects.


    According to our pre-project assessment, that there is a very low likelihood of major risks occurring and drastically affecting the project. During the duration of the project, there may be a risk of injury to workers as they will be drilling and building the wells. We have mitigated the impact of this risk by allocating a portion of the project budget for medical assistance, i.e. first aid. This will deal with any injuries workers may face throughout the project.


    If the project is successful, we will send a monthly report via email to the funder informing them of activities and incidents that have taken place as well as notifying them of any additional plans that have been proposed during the span of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £39,250

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      Amount Heading Description
      £24,000 Drilling Wells Drilling 10, 60 meters Well including casing at £40
      £5,000 Hand Pumps Pump Purchase including installation
      £3,000 Concrete Work Concrete Work as part of building the wells
      £2,000 First Aid and Overheads Medical assistance to people involved (£500) + Head office overheads contribution (£1500)
      £5,250 Planning Planning and programme management @ $7 x 5 hours per day for five months.
  • Background


    The area we plan to dig wells in is vast, about 250,000 square km, with roughly a million people spread out in small villages. In order to achieve our vision of everyone in Pul-e-khumri District having access to safe drinking water, around 500 further water wells are needed! The task is enormous and we will appreciate your assistance to enable us to start digging 10 wells. Thousands of people die from malnutrition and waterborne diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid each year.


    Project Beneficiaries:
    The Well project will initially benefit up to 10000 people with clean water in Pule-khumri Districts. Positively impacting on their health, climate, transportation and local markets will contribute to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Improved standards of living in the countryside will also contribute towards long term political and economical stability. So, local residents including both children and adults will hugely benefit from the project.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our New Citizens Advice Centres launched in July 2013 and funded by DFID will be a facilitating partner in Pu-e-Khumri province.
    We have good experience of working in partnership with local authorities, local PRTs, UNAMA and the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. Before starting wells construction, baseline survey, location of the projects and future maintenance of the wells has been coordinated with WSG (Water and Sanitation Group) for Afghanistan.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Dr. Nasimi

    Dr. Nasimi is the director of the organisation fostering the project and will visit Afghanistan to examine the success of it as well.

    Local Residents

    Local residents will contribute by being employed to run the project and helping out by volunteering on a daily basis.


will be enough to build one well.