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Development Workshop + Apprentice Search

DV8 is committed to dancers’ ongoing development. The Development Workshop + Apprentice Search gives contemporary dance students/recent graduates access to professional level experience. It introduces new working methods, provides critical audition instruction and may result in a DV8 apprenticeship.

July 2015 - July 2015

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  • Need


    Dancers need to be exposed to the demands that professional companies expect regarding technical and performance levels to ensure they are qualified to pursue, and, ideally succeed in their chosen career.

    DV8 has identified a significant shortfall in the training of contemporary dancers in the UK. A lack of exposure to varied working practices and rigorous training approaches has hindered many graduates in securing employment with major dance companies.


    DV8 will host a 2-week intensive development workshop for dance students, recent graduates & emerging dancers. It will provide an indication of the standard and skills required by future employers. Led by DV8’s Creative Associate, Hannes Langolf, & Artistic Director, Lloyd Newson, the workshop will allow participants to work alongside professional dancers whilst gaining experience of DV8’s working practices and audition process. The workshop is to be free of charge and will include a bursary

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Offer a free 2-week intensive development workshop for dance students and recent graduates


    » Introduce DV8’s creative process and unique working methods to dancers: connecting meaning to movement; analysis of combining movement with text
    » Provide a variety of different types of classes including ballet and vocal training
    » Stimulate and challenge new talent by linking with a professional company
    » Expose participants to the high standard of work expected by professional dance companies

    Success will be measured by 20 contemporary dancers, either still in school or recently graduated (+2 years of graduation), participating in the programme.

    Aim 2

    Offer a weekly bursary of £250 to each participant


    » Provide a £250 weekly bursary towards each participant’s living costs during the workshop – thus encouraging applicants from all economic backgrounds

    Success will be measured by being in a position to offer each participant a weekly bursary of £250.

    Aim 3

    Provide professional experience for dancers


    » Hold auditions in London for dancers to be invited to participate in the 2-week development workshop
    » Dancers from the workshop will participate in a mock professional audition at the end of the programme and will receive critical feedback

    Success will be measured through obtaining feedback from the participants, focusing on the workshop’s usefulness in preparing them for future auditions.

    Aim 4

    Develop new talent and recruit an apprentice


    » Invite promising and talented dancers to take part in the workshop – those who have potential to become a DV8 Apprentice
    » Apprenticeship may be awarded to a promising dancer at the end of the workshop

    Success will be measured by the new relationships developed between the participants, and their progress and growth as dancers. Ultimate success will be finding an apprentice.

  • Impact


    This project will give participants the opportunity to gain professional experience alongside their formal education. The exchange of ideas and new techniques will inform their approach to pursuing their careers. DV8 and other UK dance companies will benefit from a cohort of more experienced dancers attending auditions. Ultimately, this project should stimulate dialogue about the lack of professional development in UK dance training and play a role in improving this position.


    While there are many talented dancers in the UK, not all are ready to commit to the level of work DV8 requires of its dancers. As a highly intensive workshop, dancers may feel it too difficult or rigorous a process. DV8 will mitigate this risk by holding auditions prior to the workshops to ensure that the appropriate dancers are invited, and that they understand the commitment required to participate. DV8 will keep a reserve list in case of last minute dropouts.


    If requested, DV8 will provide updates via email when milestones are reached during fundraising, the workshop and especially with regard to the potential apprenticeship. DV8 will acknowledge donors (unless anonymity is requested) on the company’s website.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,702

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,300 Auditions pre-workshop auditions in London
      £3,800 Workshop studio dance studios for the 2-week workshop
      £5,100 Artistic Staff Creative Assoc, Dancers, Company Manager
      £2,340 Guest Instructors vocal training, specialist teachers
      £3,162 Admin + Contingency workshop administrative fees/costs + overall budget contingency of 5%
      £10,000 Busaries busaries for workshop participants
  • Background


    DV8 Physical Theatre is based in East London and the workshop will take place at DV8’s homebase, Toynbee Studios. This professional setting will give participants first hand experience of DV8’s working environment alongside an opportunity to work in professional dance studios.


    Participants will benefit from an opportunity to work with an internationally renowned dance company, gaining insight into DV8’s audition process and working methods. They will learn a new skill set to take back to their schools/studios and will benefit from new working relationships and a fruitful exchange of ideas. DV8 and other dance companies will benefit from a group of dancers with a heightened awareness and audition preparation coupled with the knowledge of the profession’s requirements.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    DV8 has won more than 50 awards, is consistently lauded in the press and is studied on educational syllabuses in the UK and abroad. The film adaptations of its work have won 3 Prix Italia and an International Emmy. DV8’s stage production, Can We Talk About This? (2012), was awarded a Helpmann Award for Best New Dance Work and 'Production of the Year' by Tanz Magazine Germany. DV8’s latest project JOHN includes a 40-performance run at the National Theatre in London, and an NT Live broadcast.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Lloyd Newson OBE, Artistic Director And Founder

    Newson is cited by the UK Critics Circle as one of the hundred most influential people working in the arts in Britain during the last hundred years.

    Hannes Langolf

    Langolf joined DV8 in 2007 performing in To Be Straight With You, Can We Talk About This? and JOHN. In 2014 he was appointed DV8’s Creative Associate.


pays for a participant's weekly bursary