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The Big Draw 2014

The Big Draw is a month-long celebration of drawing involving hundreds of inclusive participatory events. It is held every October in schools, museums, galleries, heritage and community sites, libraries, hospitals and other places throughout the UK.

October 2014 - November 2014

Charity information: The Campaign for Drawing

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  • Need


    Few people understand the importance of drawing in everyday life, or feel confident in their ability to draw or to support others to draw. This limits expression, innovation, and learning. The Campaign for Drawing exists to raise the profile of drawing and to promote its use as a tool for learning, thought, creativity, innovation, communication and social and cultural engagement for all: in brief, to get everyone drawing.


    The Big Draw is the Campaign's Flagship event. In 2014 it will provide an opportunity for over 280,000 people of all ages and abilities, many taking part for the first time, to explore ideas and express their creativity. Drawing is a universal language which crosses all boundaries. It unites generations, cultures and people of all abilities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To promote drawing as a tool for learning, thought and creativity.


    » » Coordinate and support 1200+ Big Draw 2014 events across the UK and the world.
    » » Transform London with a large scale public event that promotes drawing as tool for learning, thought and creativity.
    » » Showcase the most innovative, creative and inspirational Big Draw 2014 events by publishing these on our case studies website.

    Success will be seeing and hearing about the 280,000+ people who took part in Big Draw 2014 events throughout the UK, particularly those who have never taken part before.

    Aim 2

    Promote drawing as a tool for encouraging inclusion and participation.


    » Provide resources and support for new and potential Big Draw organisers, particularly grassroots organisations.

    Success will be seeing and hearing about the 280,000 people who took part in Big Draw 2014 events throughout the UK, particularly those who have never taken part before.

  • Impact


    A greater regard for the importance of drawing as a tool for visual literacy. For understanding the world through observation through the tools of colours, lines and composition.

    To see a tangible benefit produced in national policy through policy and provisions for national visual arts education. A result of The Campaign for Drawing's lobbying work and close relationship with key influencers from a range of industries and organisations.


    There is a risk of a reduction in new organisers and lack of support from existing host organisations. However the Campaign is confident that it will be able to build upon the excellent relationships it has established with existing Big Draw hosts as well as nurture and support new organisers. It will do this through targeted communication material including newsletters, drawing games, events etc.


    Everyone who donates will be updated regularly via e-bulletins, and throughout October will be able to see and participate in Big Draw events near them. Donors will also be able to visit the new Big Draw website to see a complete list of UK events.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £130,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £65,000 The Big Draw 2014 Coordination and related activities
      £55,000 Staffing costs Costs to cover the position of three part time employees to administer and run the festival
      £10,000 Big Draw launch event A major London launch event that will maximise on publicity and engagement
  • Background


    The Big Draw 2014 will take place across the UK in schools and colleges, libraries, churches, community centres and other communal buildings, galleries, museums, heritage and other cultural sites. Big Draw events will also take place in large public spaces such as shopping centres and parks.


    Over 280,000 people living in the UK and abroad. In many instances these will be people who have not participated in a community art event before. Over half of all big draw events take place in schools and non-arts community venues. Big Draw activities also attract new audiences to national, regional and local galleries, museums and other cultural venues.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Campaign for Drawing is the originator of the Big Draw and has successfully coordinated fourteen previous Big Draws. It is the only national charity that campaigns for the recognition of drawing as a powerful tool for learning, thought, creativity, invention and communication. It is the only national charity to organise a festival of UK-wide drawing events. All of these activities are participatory and inclusive; most are free.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sue Grayson Ford

    Sue has been the Director of the Campaign for 14 years. Her knowledge of public drawing events will be essential to the success of The Big Draw.