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Space To Study in a busy orphange.

A quiet place to study is acknowledged to be of enormous benefit to all students . The 50 hard-working orphans living in Cherry Brierley Children's Home in Kisumu, Kenya, deserve the opportunity a Study Room would provide, to enhance their education, maximise their potential and give space to think!

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Charity information: The Kisumu Children Trust

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  • Need


    Education is of vital importance in bringing the community out of the poverty trap and raising the standard of living for the next generation in Kenya. But, living in a Home of 50 children can be incredibly noisy and lacking in privacy. Our orphanage provides small dormitories and a large dining room , but no place that a child can go to be quiet, to read, to study or to think. Exam times can become particularly fraught as study is regularly interupted by the noisy games of younger children.


    The Study Room will provide space for a library area, with reference books, desks suitable for use with computers in the future, good lighting to study by and a white board for in-house tuition sessions. It will be a 'silent ' area where children can consolidate and expand on what they have learned from the local school, revise for their exams and be allowed to focus on serious issues in peace and quiet.The additional10 children we support in the local community would have access to this.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide a separate, quiet environment for study in our busy orphanage in Kisumu, by Spring 2016


    » Employ a local architect to draw up plans and recruit the building team we have used previously.
    » Recruit volunteers, local and UK to decorate and furnish the study room.

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated initially by students being able to work in a more relaxed manner, an increase in the quality of their work and a reduction in tension within the Home.

  • Impact


    We anticipate that there will be a huge improvement in study techniques and skills, and a consequential improvment in exam results seen in the Kenyan Certificates of Primary and Secondary Education.
    Success will be demonstrated by:
    - increased confidence in children entering tertiary education
    - an increase in the number of diploma/degree courses being completed
    - increase in levels of employment of our older children
    - reduction in outside aid required in the local community.


    The project could run over budget and over time. The project will be project managed by the architect and current manager of the Home. They will report weekley to the Kenyana and UK Boards
    There is a risk that the room could be misused an books stolen. We plan to have the room locked when not in use and specified study times supervised on a rota basis by the older children and staff.


    The donors will receive a monthly email update with photographs of the progress of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,500 Architect Fees and project management costs
      £8,500 Materials Construction materials, including lighting, windows and security. Paints and curtaining
      £5,000 Labour Including groundworkers, bricklayers, general builders, electricians and carpenters
  • Background


    Tiengre is a rural area 7 km outside of Kisumu in Kenya. The housing consists of mud or tin huts and for the most part there are no sanitary provisions. The population is heavily female, many mothers and grandmothers struggling to bring up large families alone.The Orphanage is built set back from the main road from Kisumu to Uganda. There is a primary school 1 km away to which most of the younger children go.


    The children in the Home will be the primary beneficiaries. However the impact that improved education also has on their communities is huge. As the children fulfill their potential and become self-supporting, they often return and support them financially.

    We also currently support 10 children living with their own families by providing daily meals and education costs. These too will benefit from having a proper place to study within easy reach of their homes.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Kisumu Children Trust has been working in Kisumu for about 18 years. Starting with just a few orphans known to our contact in the area, UK support grew until a 50-bedded Home was built and opened in 2008. We have many contacts in local government, including having the local Chief on our Kenyan board. We regularly liaise with the Children's Dept. the local Headmistress, Probabtion Service and local Churches and have been awarded a certificate naming us as one of the top three Homes in Kisumu.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Philemon Oguna

    Manager of the Cherry Brierley Children's Home, Kenya. He previously supervised the construction of our new home.

    Michael Dare

    Executive Officer UK - with responsibility for the Home

    Alison Hills

    Promotion's Officer - responsible for fundrising, liaison and marketing