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Project information

Ivor Leigh Memorial School Educational Enrichment

To provide extra classes and activities to make up for time lost due to the Ebola crisis by extending the school day, funding exam revision classes, organising Literature & Poetry weeks and geographical outings, as well as cooking and craft, music and sports activities.

January 2016 - December 2016

Charity information: CESO

  • Need


    Kaningo is a poor, isolated community in Sierra Leone (SL). In 2014, the Ivor Leigh Memorial School (ILMS) had a roll of 260 primary aged children. It also hosted classes for secondary school students. The closure of the school during the Ebola crisis meant that pupils lost two terms of education. Older pupils missed out on exam related work and were unable to enter secondary school and some children dropped out of education altogether.


    The project will fund classes and activities to engage parents and children in the life of the school. Older pupils will be offered additional classes to prepare for the exams that are needed to access secondary school. Running whole school activities will broaden horizons, support school attendance and promote the community’s engagement in education.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Prepare students for the National Primary School Examinations held in May 2016.


    » From January, provide additional classes for the older pupils and run an examination camp at the school in April 2016.

    What success will look like

    Attendance and exam results.

    Aim 2

    Increase appreciation of literature, musical traditions and local craft techniques.


    » Provide books, basic musical instruments and craft equipment and hold classes which focus on reading, musical traditions, and craft techniques.

    What success will look like

    The children will write about their projects, produce paintings / craftwork for an exhibition of their work, and hold a concert in the school.

    Aim 3

    Promote parental involvement and community support through sports, cooking and hygiene classes


    » Provide sports equipment and training and hold sporting events. Hold food days with cooking classes focussing on health, wellbeing and hygiene.

    What success will look like

    Fitness levels of the children will improve. Nutrition and food hygiene lessons will have a positive impact on the health of the community.

    Aim 4

    Introduce a science curriculum using the local environment and its resources.


    » Provide field trips which focus on science, exploring the geographical features of the area

    What success will look like

    The children will write up their experiences for an exhibition for the local community on the results of the field trips.

    Aim 5

    Provide the children with an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate Christmas.


    » Hold a Christmas party at the school.

    What success will look like

    Attendance and enjoyment of the children – they have few opportunities to have fun.

  • Impact


    The project will promote school attendance and teamwork and enrich the curriculum offer for the children. The activities will encourage teachers to work in different ways and engage the active participation of the children and their parents in learning that promotes good hygiene, healthy living and an appreciation of their community.

    The programme will provide an opportunity for parents and the local community to appreciate and support the work of the school.


    The principle risk relates to the leadership of the school and the ability to organise and schedule the events. Funding will be ring-fenced to meeting the cost of materials, transport and staff time. We are fortunate to have a director and project co-ordinator on the ground and established arrangements to ensure that funds are spent appropriately.

    We are in regular contact and require he sends narrative and financial reports as well as photographs on the project.


    Our supporters receive an annual newsletter. We also send updates about projects and events.

    Our website has recently been redesigned to make it easier to update with picture stories and news about the school.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,780

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      Amount Heading Description
      £625 Exam preparation Summer school and catchup classes
      £350 Literature Books for storytelling and book clubs for 10 sessions
      £700 Geography Minibuses and equipment for 10 field trips
      £400 Craft Paints, paper, brushes, felt pens for 10 sessions
      £630 Health/Wellbeing Food for 3 cookery days for whole school
      £1,050 Sports Football and rounders equipment for weekly sessions throughout year
      £470 Music Percussion sets, xylophones and drums for 10 music sessions
      £775 Social events Parents' events and Christmas party
      £780 Admin One full time person administering the project
  • Background


    Kaningo is an isolated community in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The country is slowly recovering from the long civil war. The 2013 Human Development Index ranks Sierra Leone as 180 out of 187 countries. The Adult Literacy rate is only 43%.Of the poorest households (such as those in Kaningo) 0.4% have books and learning materials at home. (Source UNICEF Dec 2013). Kaningo has little local infrastructure and is remote, hilly and has only pot holed tracks for access.


    The curriculum enrichment activities will benefit the 250+ children at the school and provide development for staff. However, attendance at an exhibition or event to showcase work provides an event for the whole community and an opportunity to engage parents in the work of the school. The value of education has to be constantly demonstrated to the parents and community.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    CESO is a UK charity and is registered as an NGO in Sierra Leone. We operate established financial and activity reporting arrangements.

    We managed the funding and construction of the school premises and support the running the school.

    The ILMS also functions as a centre of community facing activity. Our Director successfully delivered an Ebola infection control programme funded by UK Aid.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Ivor Leigh Junior

    Ivor Leigh Jnr, CESO’s director in Kaningo who is respected by the community elders, manages the school and the projects that run from the premises.

    James Sillah

    James Sillah, working with Ivor, will administer and report on the the project.