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Grief Encounter Project

We help bereaved children and young people following the death of a parent, sibling or someone significant. We offer specialist resources, information, advice, education, training and support about death and dying.

June 2014 - June 2016

Charity information: Grief Encounter Project

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  • Need


    We have proven success with our innovative specialist resources, with the Grief Encounter Workbook being the best used grief support resource in the UK. We cannot reach enough children, knowing that there are more bereaved children who could benefit from this resource. Given young people often rely on e-technology for support, the workbook could be offered out as an app.


    Today, apps work more as websites. Given the widespread use of mobile phones/tablets, it will allow us to access a minimum of 5000 more children over the next 2 years. In addition, it will alert families to the support that Grief Encounter offers and raise awareness of the issues bereaved families face.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To develop an app aimed at bereaved young people


    » Plan and develop an app
    » Market the app through Grief Encounters existing networks
    » Make the app available to download and offer support services

    The number of apps downloaded and how the app is used.
    Increased visits to the GE website
    Revenue from the app sales

  • Impact


    5000 bereaved young people will feel less isolated and alone demonstrated by the use of the app and existing knowledge we have of the impact of our existing resources and service provision. (e.g. independent COREYP analysis shows an 87% improvement in emotional well-being following our onetoone interventions)


    The risk would be that the app is not downloaded, but given the projected market analysis of the use of mobile phones/tablets this is highly unlikely. The actual app may not be of a high enough interest, but given our expertise in this field this is also highly unlikely. The final risk is that we compromise our open access service provision as the app may not reach low income families, but they can still access our other services.


    We will share the reporting back of the total sales, increased website visits and informal feedback received from app users.In addition, we will have information from the app designers on success and usage; if the project is successful we will re-invest funds to improve the app content and the reach

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Creating the app Planning the design, developing the content and adding the technology
      £5,000 Delivering the app Making available and marketing the app
      £1,000 Evaluating the success Gathering feedback from service users
      £2,000 Website costs Improving the existing website in order to promote the app but also to be able to manage increased c
      £2,000 Management costs Planning and meeting time
  • Background


    Head office (London) and internet based


    Initially, the target area will be UK residents but theoretically any English speaking person bereaved family could benefit.There are 25,000 UK children under 16 who experience the death of a parent or sibling every year.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    There is no other charity in the UK who has as much direct contact with bereaved children and their families, nor who have the innovative Family Programme that we currently offer. The programme includes our information resources, our 1/1 counselling, our grief workshops, family days, residential camp, interactive website, telephone advice line (office hours) and Skype support. In addition, we run an accredited Good Grief Training programme

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    Shelley Gilbert MBE

    CEO: she will lead the project (Gift in Kind) managing the planning and design, marketing, delivery and evaluation of the success.

    Gigi Pishtikova

    Gigi manages the events and programmes: she will manage the office support

    Claire Richman

    Communications and website executive: Claire will roll out the app once it is completed and make it available on the web.

    Stacey Hart

    Stacey is programme co-ordinator: she will ensure that the app forms part of what we currently offer to bereaved families

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