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Home and Hope Appeal

Caritas Anchor House is a homelessness charity based in Canning Town, in the East London Borough of Newham. Our Home and Hope Appeal is raising money to transform our organisation by building 25 new move-on flats and a suite of training facilities, including a training kitchen and e-learning zones.

July 2014 - July 2016

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  • Need


    The move from homelessness to a new house is a daunting one. Moving is a stressful period for anyone, but for our residents, who have faced unthinkable challenges, it is particularly hard. Many are ready to move on but still need the structure and support that we offer. When people move away they are at risk of falling into old patterns of harmful behaviours. Supporting people during the transition from hostel to a place of their own is key to ensuring that they do not return to the streets.


    Our Home and Hope Appeal is raising money to build 25 move-on flats next to our main building. These flats will help ease the transition from being homeless to independent living. While staying in the move-on flat, our residents will take control of all aspects of their life such as money management, bills and cooking, but still have access to our support services. This extra support will help them adjust to the change and be able to face any challenges that independent living may throw at them.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide high-quality, supportive accommodation to an increased number of homeless residents


    » Increase our capacity by 20% by building move-on accommodation for homeless people in the community.

    Success will be rehousing an additional 50 previously homeless people each year.

    Aim 2

    To move our residents out of homelessness for good, equipped with the skills to live independently.


    » Provide continued support from key workers following the move to independent living.
    » Maintain access to substance misuse meetings, health and well-being activities and education, training and employment advice as needed.
    » Ensure that the residents are supported and continue to be a part of the Caritas Anchor House community if they choose to be.

    Success will be at least 256 residents gaining skills from activities such as volunteering, education, training or paid employment every year.

    Aim 3

    To provide suitable move-on accommodation for people with multiple or complex needs in Newham.


    » Build 25 move-on flats next to the main Caritas Anchor House building.
    » Maintain access to support pathways for mental healthcare, substance misuse and offending to people living in the move-on flats.

    Success will be an increase of 20% in the number of people with issues with mental health, substance misuse or a history of offending moving on to independent living.

    Aim 4

    Provide accessible, quality training and employability services to our residents and local people.


    » Create new training facilities, including a training kitchen, an e-learning centre and bespoke learning zones
    » Open up our facilities for use by the wider local community, through community referrals and outreach

    Success will be an increase in the number of partner organisations we work with and local people and homeless residents receiving training.

  • Impact


    The lasting impact of this project will be the development of homelessness services in Newham. We will improve and expand services to help homeless people achieve independence and equip marginalised and destitute people in the area with the skills needed to turn their lives around and contribute in a meaningful way to society. Success will be an increase of 20% in our capacity and accommodating more than 270 homeless people each year following the building of the flats.


    We are subject to the range of risks associated with any significant capital development. We are reducing these risks by working with an advisory team and management accountants. The management of the project is led by our Chief Executive who has many years' experience in the development of public sector housing.


    Funders will receive an update on the project and be invited to visit when the building work is completed, and during construction if desired. Updates on the progress of our residents are provided through a half-yearly newsletter, annual reviews and a monthly e-bulletin to subscribers.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £6,443,827

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,050,009 Demolition/External works Costs of demolition to previous site, alterations to ground level and preliminary costs
      £1,798,248 Structure Construction costs for foundations, frame, upper floors, roof, stairs, windows and doors
      £540,489 Internal Finishes and Fittings Construction costs for internal walls, floors, ceilings, fittings and furnishings
      £1,147,608 Service Installations Cost of installing sanitary appliances, waste services, electrics, mechanical installations and lift
      £359,263 Overheads Allowance for overhead costs
      £1,548,210 VAT/Fees/Direct Contract Payme Cost of VAT on building works and design, construction and agency fees and contract costs

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Grants £1,557,244 Guaranteed
    Grants/Pledges £40,000 Conditional
    Corporate donations £197,323 Guaranteed
    Statutory funding £450,000 Guaranteed
    Statutory funding £150,000 Conditional
    Individual donations £732,529 Conditional
    Community fundraising & events £666,081 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Our project is based in the heart of London’s East End in Canning Town, Newham. Newham currently sits at the wrong end of every league table for employment, education, poverty and health. Homelessness and unemployment is rife in the London Borough of Newham – it has the highest single homeless population in the UK and the second highest unemployment rate in London. The borough faces £84m of government cuts over 4 years, leaving those at risk of homelessness in a vulnerable position.


    We work with the most vulnerable groups in our community: the homeless, the unemployed, offenders, those who face problems with mental health, substance misuse and domestic violence. Every year, we provide a safe and stable environment to more than 220 people who have lost their homes. We also support those in need through vocational courses, employment advice, volunteering opportunities and substance misuse meetings. Our 25 move-on flats will directly help at least 50 more people each year.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are currently the largest organisation tackling homelessness in Newham, an area of acute deprivation, where no other charity provides the focus that we do on this blend of accommodation, skills training and personal rehabilitation. Our services are user-led and 12% of our staff are former residents. We have a strong track record in turning lives around. Last year we supported 27% of our residents into employment – the industry average, from a 2014 Homeless Link report, is 10%.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Keith Fernett - Chief Executive

    The management team is led by Keith Fernett who has extensive experience in housing, change management, business planning and risk management.

    Guy Insull - Appeal Director

    Guy is responsible for raising the £15.3m target of the Appeal. He has strong experience in corporate business and leads our Fundraising Team.

Home and Hope Appeal

Bruk, a former resident at Caritas Anchor House

Many have lived without a home. Many have stopped without hope. Caritas Anchor House is our anchor, our home, our hope.