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Education, conservation and hope

From working with young people at risk in Peru to running summer camps in the Czech Republic, A Rocha’s environmental education programmes are empowering children and communities around the world with new skills and understanding to live sustainably with their natural environment.

January 2015 - December 2015

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  • Need


    A healthy, properly functioning natural environment is critical to economic growth, community livelihoods and personal well-being. Yet many fail to recognize the numerous benefits that nature provides – from natural resources like food and timber, to ecosystem services like clean air and water – as well as the inherent value of the wildlife, plants and habitats it contains. This means that, all too often, our activities continue to pollute the air, deplete the seas and destroy the forests.


    Prof Steven Bouma-Prediger once said, ‘We care for only what we love. We love only what we know. We truly know only what we experience.’ That’s why we believe in strengthening the connections between people and nature. In places like Kenya, Peru, South Africa and the Czech Republic our environmental education programmes explain the importance of looking after the environment, provide opportunities for practical conservation and demonstrate ways to live off the land in a more sustainable way.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    The livelihoods of communities improved and habitats protected in Kenya's Kilifi County


    » Providing secondary school scholarships for local, needy children through the Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-Tourism Scheme (ASSETS)
    » Running environmental education activities and training in alternative technologies
    » Facilitating participation in hands-on conservation activities and reducing unsustainable practices
    » Providing environmental and development information for tourists by working with local hotels and through A Rocha Kenya’s eco-tourism facilities

    40 children being supported through secondary school by ASSETS each year, as well as evidence of reduced illegal logging and poaching activities in the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

    Aim 2

    Disadvantaged South African children (10-14 years old) discovering the wonder of their natural world


    » Providing curriculum-based environmental education activities through after-school Eco-clubs during the year
    » Running holiday projects and programmes that provide children with fun, creative, environmental education activities
    » Enabling Eco-club participants to run Sunday School activities at a local church, based on what they have learned and experienced
    » Offering weekend excursions for selected Eco-club members, enabling children to interact with each other in a fun and natural setting

    Impacted, enthused and enriched learners who have participated in Eco-clubs and a committed, operationally effective, teacher support base for our Eco-schools activities

    Aim 3

    Environmental and social values promoted among at risk young people in La Esperanza, Trujillo, Peru


    » Running an Environmental Club that enables at risk young people to learn how to care for their environment, and develop their values and self-esteem
    » Enabling club members to develop and implement their own socio-environmental mini-enterprise, such as selling jewellery made from recycled materials
    » Empowering club members to develop and promote environmental and social values through training in activities such as theatre, puppetry and dance
    » Developing and producing environmental education resources to be used by the club and local community organizations working with at risk young people

    100 at risk young people benefitting from club activities, 20 club members trained, and a mini-enterprise and 3 environmental education resources developed by the end of the year

    Aim 4

    Children and community members in the Czech Republic empowered and equipped with research skills


    » Running weekly nature clubs which enable children to take part in bird monitoring, conservation projects and learn identification and fieldwork skills
    » Involving nature club and community members in residential field trips, allowing them to participate in monitoring and ringing birds in Orlické Záhoří
    » Engaging children in the mapping of rare species of fungi and teaching them about their importance and how to identify poisonous and edible species
    » Working with children to develop a fungi exhibition for the public

    10 children having participated in a five-day field trip with more engaged in practical conservation activities through the A Rocha nature clubs and fungi mapping activities

    Aim 5

    A Rocha’s global environmental education activities coordinated and supported


    » Producing materials and methodologies to address trans-boundary environmental issues
    » Providing project management training and support to guide the development of A Rocha’s global environmental education activities
    » Providing fundraising support for education activities

    A suite of metrics recording key environmental education activities across all of A Rocha’s National Organizations and demonstrating a growth and strengthening of projects

  • Impact


    The project will promote awareness amongst children and community members of the importance of caring for the environment and inspire practical conservation action.

    As well as monitoring the absolute number of participants that A Rocha’s environmental education programmes are engaging with, we will demonstrate success through individual examples of people, both young and old, whose ways of thinking and ways of life have been shaped through this work.


    As a global family of projects, there is a risk that capacity and resources will limit the activities of some of A Rocha’s smaller National Organizations. However, A Rocha International has helped to minimize this by developing an Operations Directorate, which is helping to strengthen our projects: training, mentoring and sharing best practices, and developing strategic growth plans.


    Donors will receive a six-month email report detailing the progress made in the project so far, and will be invited to receive ongoing updates through our newsletters and publications.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £100,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,500 Scholarships Providing ASSETS secondary school scholarships to children and young people in Kenya
      £12,500 Resources Developing and supplying environmental education materials and training resources
      £7,500 Field trips Implementing residential and off-site field trips
      £5,000 Environment clubs Running environmental education clubs
      £5,000 Mini-enterprise training Implementing mini-enterprise training
      £5,000 Travel Travel for staff training and capacity building
      £52,500 Salaries Providing salaries for Environmental Education and Operations staff
  • Background


    A Rocha has environmental education projects across six continents. Working with schools and Christian groups, all address local conservation priorities in a culturally appropriate way.


    A Rocha’s environmental education activities engage with children, communities and Christian groups around the world – people like Leah Mwamure, who in 2002 became one of A Rocha Kenya’s first ASSETS beneficiaries. As well as supporting her through secondary school, ASSETS gave her 50 tree seedlings. After four years, Leah sold some of the trees, raising enough money for her younger brother’s secondary school fees and her first year at Shanzu Teacher Training College.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    A Rocha works through grass-roots communities to accomplish its work and achieve lasting change in addressing conservation issues. With strong links already established with schools and Christian groups, particularly those close to our field study centres and research sites, our environmental education activities provide a means of spreading the conservation message.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Stanley Baya – Environmental Education Officer, Kenya

    Stanley coordinates A Rocha’s education programme on Kenya’s coast, supporting needy children living in and around the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

    Carl Swart – Board Chair, South Africa

    Carl is providing support to the A Rocha South Africa team, as they develop their community-based conservation and environmental education projects.

    RamóN Casana Araujo – Projects Director, Peru

    Ramón coordinates A Rocha’s projects and environmental education activities in La Libertad, northern Peru.

    Pavel SvěTlíK – National Director, Czech Republic

    Pavel leads the team based in northeast Bohemia, overseeing A Rocha Czech’s programmes and environmental education activities.

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