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Project information

THRIVE Gambia Wellbeing Centre

Elemental Wellbeing is working in partnership with a range of stakeholders both in the UK and The Gambia to deliver mental health education and wellbeing programmes. We intend to set up a Wellbeing Centre


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  • Need


    Intense stigmatisation not only of mental health problems, but also learning and physical disabilities and conditions such as Epilepsy mean that the Wellbeing Centre will of necessity play a huge role in the pro-active education of Gambian people.
    Depression is acknowledged as being a major problem in The Gambia, particularly for women but issues of Sexual abuse, Rape, Prostitution, Domestic Violence and FGM are frequently disregarded or minimalised.


    The Wellbeing Centre in The Gambia will focus on health and mental wellbeing rather than illness.We will actively encourage the Wellbeing Centre to be used by other organisations – particularly those working to bring about human rights for women and children and are tackling the injustices faced by children and young people.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support mental health needs of local communities using the THRIVE Approach to Mental Wellbeing


    » We would deliver Wellbeing Programmes such as The THRIVE Approach to Mental Wellbeing and focus on self help strategies
    » Information and self help groups on issues pertaining to Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Rape - intensive training sessions, courses and 1 to 1
    » Programmes to tackle substance misuse - intensive training sessions, courses and 1 to 1
    » We will provide a range of therapies and activities for men, women and children

    What success will look like

    Evaluations of people accessing service carried out by mhLAP, world Health Organisation and Ministry of Health & Social Welfare in The Gambia

    Aim 2

    To support practitioners the THRIVE Facilitators to develop and build upon their skills & knowledge


    » Regular meetings and mental health focus groups and sensitisation programmes held at The Wellbeing Centre

    What success will look like

    Evaluations of each practitioner carried out by mhLAP, world Health Organisation and Ministry of Health & Social Welfare in The Gambia

    Aim 3

    To address issues of stigma & discrimination in The Gambia towards those experiencing mental illness


    » People are fearful to speak out about certain things, e.g. Self- Harm, Voices & Psychosis etc so we would educate on these topics

    What success will look like

    Interviews with communities regarding attitudes towards mental health prior to Wellbeing Centre service and follow up.

  • Impact


    Reduced admission to Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital. Competence of local practitioners and ability of people to cope with their mental health problems. Evaluations by local practitioners and mhLAP,WHO and Ministry of Health on rates of admission, rates of improved wellbeing and reduction in use of medication


    Low participation from certain groups due to expense of travel - we would enable practitioners to claim refund for expenses


    Regular updates to website, plus monthly email reports and a formal written report at each key stage (6 monthly) of development

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £37,100

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Premises ,setting up Rent & upkeep
      £3,000 office equipment Chairs, desks, tables
      £10,500 Staff & volunteers salary,expenses
      £5,500 Training & Conferences weekly workshops, 2 conferences and publicity, TV, radio, journalists fees etc
      £2,500 Container fees Computers, books, from UK to Gambia
      £2,500 Security Family caretakers living in
      £4,800 Travel External / Internal travel for all facilitators from Gambia and UK
      £2,300 Running costs Electricity, water, food and drink for meetings & workshops
  • Background


    The Gambia - The Wellbeing Centre would be located near Kotu, relatively easy for a large number of practitioners in clinics to travel to, with inexpensive transport links for many communities to access.


    34% of the population is living below the poverty line and 18% of the population extremely poor. Population density is slightly more than 97 people per square mile, making The Gambia the fourth most densely populated country in Africa. These factors depict a bleak situation for the health care system of the Gambia, especially the mentally ill

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Elemental Wellbeing have worked with mhLAP, WHO, Ministry of health & Social Care and local NGO's in The Gambia voluntarily for 3 years and we have achieved positive outcomes in mental health service development, evaluated in The Gambia and UK

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    Marion Aslan

    Founder and current chairperson - author of THRIVE Gambia mental health programmes Leads on training & development of THRIVE Gambia programmes

    Paula Pettit

    Director of Elemental Wellbeing, UK Leads on development of vulnerable women's service development

    Dawda Samba

    Director of Elemental Wellbeing, The Gambia. Coordinator, mhLAP (mental health leadership & advocacy programme) Coordinates THRIVE Gambia programmes

THRIVE Training - Women's Mental Health April 2014

THRIVE Training - Women's Mental Health April 2014

THRIVE Has developed me very well indeed and increased my overall awareness and concept about mental health.

Captain Edrissa Sambore