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Project information

Supporting families

Home-Start recruits and trains volunteers with parenting experience to visit families with at least one child under the age of five years in their homes on a weekly basis yo offer friendship and support in order to prevent crisis and family breakdown.

Each family is supported for a minimum of 6 months

Charity information: Home-Start Stroud District

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  • Need


    Isolation due to not having family nearby;
    suffering with post-natal illness;
    having a hard time coping with a child's illness; overwhelmed by the death of a love one; struggling with emotional and physical demands of having twins or triplets or more;
    struggling to cope with a disability or relationship problems;
    tired, unhappy or exhausted


    Volunteers provide a free, confidential and non-judgemental service to individual families who are referred to Home-Start by statutory and other charitable organisations, or by parents get in touch directly. Families receive emotional and practical support so that parents can give their child(ren) the best possible start in life. Having a befriender and someone you can talk to eases the pressures of bringing up a family.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To recruit and train volunteers with parenting experience from the local community.


    » Advertise Home-Start in the local community and network with other organisations to promote the cause.
    » Organise one or two 40 hour training courses per year in order to recruit and train around 12 volunteers per course.

    What success will look like

    Maintaining the number of volunteers available to support families.

    Aim 2

    Receive referrals for parents to receive support with their parenting skills.


    » Promote Home-Start's work with statutory and non-statutory agencies in order for a maximum number of families to receive family support.

    What success will look like

    Record the number of referrals received and from whom each year.

    Aim 3

    Match the right volunteer with a family in need using trained staff members.


    » Recruit, train and support qualified staff to effectively match families with volunteers to maximise the benefits of parenting support.

    What success will look like

    A successful match results in the family being supported for as long as they require support.

    Aim 4

    Provide ongoing training, support and supervision to current volunteers.


    » Organise professional and peer support meetings for volunteers as well as providing internal and external training.

    What success will look like

    Organise an annual training programme with a a selection of social and formal session.

    Aim 5

    Regularly review the support offered to families to ensure needs are being met.


    » Staff arrange to visit families to review the support offered by volunteers. Staff are also in frequent contact with volunteers.

    What success will look like

    Staff formally review family support every three months as well as being available to families and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

  • Impact


    Home-Start supports parents as they have the key role in creating a secure childhood for their children. Happy children do better at school and this will affect their long term future in terms of academic success as well as developing more secure relationships.


    The main risk to Home-Start being able to provide a service to families is lack of funding. It costs around £1300 to support one family for one year, so any cuts to funding means that we will have to reduce the number of families that received support.


    Home-Start produces an Annual Report and Accounts to demonstrate the activities of the charity and how funds were spent each year. Individual donors can request to receive regular updates of activities.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £112,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £82,000 Salaries 4 part-time staff: 3 Coordinators, 1 Administrator
      £30,000 Running costs Rent and expenditure

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Various £77,000 Conditional
  • Background


    Home-Start Stroud District supports families living within the Stroud District area of Gloucestershire. Volunteers are also recruited from this locality. Our office is based in Stonehouse.


    Last year we supported 87 families with each family having at least one child under the age of five years. A family can benefit from Home-Start support if they are feeling isolated, have a physical or mental illness, suffered a bereavement, need help with budgeting or healthy eating, struggling to cope with multiple births etc. Volunteers also benefit as they are able to contribute their skills and time to their community and achieve a sense of satisfaction from a worth while cause.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Home-Start has been actively supporting families in the locality for 15 years. We have a successful track record for helping to bring about positive change in the lives of families in order to prevent crisis and breakdown.(Home-Start UK has been active for 40 years).

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Senior Coordinator

    This role involves managing staff, the office and volunteers as well working closely with the trustees to develop the strategic and operational plan.


To support one family for one month

Since I found our about Home-Start everything has changed. It's amazing that just one person can wake you up and say "you can do this".

Mum supported by Home-Start