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Sculling and Rowing in the Community

Hinksey Sculling School (HSS) wants to strengthen and enhance its capability to offer any young person in the Community a chance to learn to scull and row to a high standard in a structured safe environment, irrespective of his/her sporting ability and the family’s capacity to pay membership fees.

December 2016 - November 2017

Charity information: Hinksey Sculling School Ltd.

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  • Need


    Increased interest in rowing across the country and HSS success has led to an enlarged HSS membership (and a waiting list), with a growing number of applications from athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds and a higher proportion of members remaining with HSS until age 18. Currently HSS needs additional appropriate equipment to meet the training needs of all members and more funds to support membership bursaries for those members in need of financial assistance.


    To fulfil our mission of being inclusive, widening participation and offering appropriate sculling and rowing training for all we will secure funds:
    • To provide bursaries to support participation of students in receipt of the Pupil Premium.
    . To provide the equipment needed to put those athletes on the water.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Secure funding for training and competition equipment to enable full participation by all members


    » Participate in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Previous involvement dramatically improved HSS fundraising success and extended our donor group.
    » Friends of HSS organise fund-raising events for bursaries: Row down River, fish 'n chip quiz, 200 club draw, teas at Dorchester Abbey, pottery sale.
    » Expand the Oar Schools outreach programs introducing children to rowing at schools in Oxfordshire (6-week and 10-week) and generating income for HSS.
    » Two flagship events to take rowing to the community and raise money: South of England Indoor Rowing Championships and Blenheim Palace Junior Regatta.

    The normal leaving date for our athletes is 18. VERY FEW decide to leave early even though they will mostly have passed through GCSE & A Level years.

  • Impact


    This project will contribute towards the long term sustainability of HSS by enabling the club to meet the needs (both financial and athletic) of all its members. On an individual level, participation in rowing at HSS develops commitment, physical strength and leadership for boys and girls including athletes with special needs. Success will be demonstrated through individual sporting achievement and improved well-being, and through continued demand for membership from the local community


    We have expanded consistently since 1998 and always seem to be at a "cross roads". As we have built the membership over the years the capacity at our main site -- St Edward's School Boathouse at Godstow -- has become too small for us to deliver the correct and safe training that our athletes deserve. We have been very fortunate to have been welcomed by Radley College at their Boathouse downstream from Oxford where our
    Senior athletes are now training. This 3rd site secures our future.


    HSS has a fully maintained website. The principal method of communication with donors and other stakeholders is through direct communication, the website and a full annual report. See

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,000 Equipment 2 MId Weight Doubles
      £6,000 Equipment 4 Singles for the Lake
  • Background


    We are located in Oxford and have athletes in the city and in a 10 mile radius, including Blackbird Leys one of the most disadvantaged wards in the country. Our main base is at Wolvercote, with river access and boat storage from St Edward's School. We train beginners on the lake in Hinksey Park by agreement with Oxford C.C. We use indoor facilities and minibuses from Magdalen College School and Cherwell School. We are extending our water at Radley College as part of its outreach programme.


    Currently we have 140 active members.
    Training over time moves forwards physical and emotional limits: research in schools shows that consistent participation in extra-curricular activities over several years predicts higher academic achievement and pro-social activities in young adults. The combined elements of teamwork, participation, training and competition enable teenagers who are in this environment to understand much better the educational attainment process and trust in themselves more

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    HSS is unique in the rowing community, a club focussed exclusively on enabling the participation of all young people in the sport of rowing, now with 140 active members winning medals at National Level. The 6 Trustees and Director of Rowing have a long history in the sport alongside a deep-felt commitment to create a sense of community, bringing together young people with different backgrounds in a shared endeavour, developing individual commitment, teamwork and leadership.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    John Broadhurst

    John has been Chairman since the founding of the Club in 1998. He has a history in rowing back to St Ewards School and then at Wallingford R.C

    Alice Carrington-Windo

    Alice is Acting Director of Rowing and comes with a rowing history back to her school days at the Oxford High School rowing as a member of Hinksey!

    Tom Collins

    Tom is co-founder of the Club with experience dating back to his early years rowing in London.

    Andrew Ashton

    Andrew is a solicitor and is Company Secretary. he also has a long background in rowing and is a current member of Wallingford Rowing Club.