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Project information

Widening Reach project 2014-17: Year One

This aim of this project is to increase the reach, accessibility and practical focus of Research Autism's information service.

So far we have raised £34,833 towards this project.

October 2014 - September 2015

Charity information: Research Autism

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  • Need


    Thanks to funding received from the Garfield Weston Foundation, over the past year we have conducted a range of consultations, surveys and focus groups.

    Through this work we have come to recognise not only that we have a long way to go to reach all of the people who could make use of our information services, but that the information we currently provide can be difficult for many people to access and digest.


    We will further develop our website to increase its user-friendliness and accessibility, and develop a range of new practically focused products and services including:
    * a series of ‘Research Reviews’ aimed at non-scientific audiences on topics such as sleep, self-injury and anxiety
    * a book on interventions written in plain English
    * a series of publications for people with learning difficulties
    * an interventions App for mobile phones
    * regular online Q&As
    * films, blogs and podcasts

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To raise awareness of our service among more of people who are personally affected by autism


    » We will carry out targeted marketing activities designed to increase awareness of our services among people with autism and their families and carers
    » We will explore the viability of rolling out our own conferences, which to date have all taken place in London, to other regions across the UK

    What success will look like

    Greater numbers of people personally affected by autism making use of our information services

    Aim 2

    To tailor the resources we provide to meet people's needs more effectively


    » We will further develop Research Autism's website and its content to increase user-friendliness and accessibility
    » We will develop a new range of user-friendly and practically focussed products and services for non-scientific audiences

    What success will look like

    Increased satisfaction with Research Autism’s services

    Aim 3

    To increase awareness of our information service among health professionals


    » We will work closely with the Royal College of GPs' (RCGP) newly appointed Autism Clinical Champion to address how we might meet GPs' needs better
    » Based on our work with the RCGP, we will plan a campaign designed to raise GPs’ awareness of our services
    » We will use learning from this to inform similar work with Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Health Visitors and Psychiatrists

    What success will look like

    Increased visits to Research Autism’s website from the targeted professional groups (GPs in year one)

    Aim 4

    To increase the long-term financial sustainability of our services


    » Our Business Development Manager will build on work they have done during 2013 to develop existing and new income generating services

    What success will look like

    A greater proportion of our costs will be covered by income generated from existing and new products and services

  • Impact


    People with autism, and the people who support them in a personal and professional capacity, will be will be able to make informed choices about which interventions are most likely to increase an individual's quality of life. Over time we expect to see a measurable increase in the wellbeing of people with autism and their families and carers as a result of this.


    It may be that some of our proposed new products and services will not achieve the goals we have set. We will use learning from this to develop our range of products and services further so that over time we will meet people's needs increasingly effectively.


    We will send donors email updates at least every six months, and, where possible, we will send samples and previews of new information resources that we develop during the course of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £102,227

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      Amount Heading Description
      £46,727 Staffing costs Contributions towards Information Manager, Business Development Manager and volunteer costs
      £21,500 Marketing and product dev Marketing; editing, print, design and distribution of publications; market research
      £19,900 IT, website and publications Website hosting and maintainance, hardware, software, consultancy, design and print of new resources
      £14,100 Research Autism costs Project management and overheads such as rent and telephone

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Garfield Weston Foundation £33,333 Guaranteed
    Sage Publication £1,500 Guaranteed
  • Background


    This project will be run from Research Autism's office in London, but we will consult with people from across the UK in the course of our work.


    At least 700,000 people in the UK are known to be on the autism spectrum. Factoring in under-diagnosis among older people, as well as all the parents, siblings and carers who struggle to support people with autism, it is estimated that autism touches the lives of 2.7 million people in the UK.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Research Autism’s role within the UK’s autism community is unique and pivotal, bringing people with autism, their carers, service providers and researchers in the quest for effective interventions. We are the only organisation in the UK that focuses solely on non-biomedical interventions - social, educational, and behavioural - those that have the potential to make a tangible and immediate impact on people’s everyday lives. We involve those personally affected by autism at all levels of our work

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Bernard Fleming

    Bernard is Research Autism's Information Manager and is responsible for our website and information service.

    Anouska Pattenden

    Anoushka is our Business Development Manager, with responsibility for service development as well as income generation through commercial activities.