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Support and self-development group for women

The group will support Polish women, particularly mothers living in Lambeth in their personal growth. The participants will take part in group meetings and workshops focused on developing their self-awareness, individual potential and well-being.

8 months (recruitment, 16 weeks of workshops, evaluation)

Charity information: Stockwell Partnership

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  • Need


    The Polish Insights Project carried out by Stockwell Partnership has revealed that many female members of the constantly growing Polish community in Lambeth are experiencing stress related to being an immigrant and insufficient social networks. They are lacking self-confidence, intercultural competence and social skills related to communication and coping with stress.


    The project aims to provide the Polish women with space where they can establish new relationships and support each other. The participants will learn how to communicate effectively with others (especially in the intercultural context), set up and achieve long-term goals and cope with everyday stress. The group members will support each others' personal growth. They will also have a possibility of receiving one-on-one support and coaching from the group leaders.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Running a cycle of sessions of self-development and support groups for Polish women in Lambeth


    » Recruit women who feel a need to increase their social networks, receive emotional support and focus on their personal growth
    » Run self-development and support group sessions, running weekly one-on-one support and coaching three-hour sessions for 16 weeks
    » Evaluate the project (self-report and questionnaires)
    » Prepare and publish a report about the project's outcomes

    Success will be reaching an increase in participants' communication skills, self-esteem, ability to cope with stress and social networks reported at the end of the group meetings.

  • Impact


    The success will be a self-reported (questionnaires, interviews) increase in emotional well-being, self-confidence, ability to identify one's own needs and strengths, set and achieve personal and professional goals. The participants will also have increased their social network and ability to interact with wider community. The long-term impact evaluation will take place 3 months after the final group meeting.


    There is a risk of failing to recruit the participants. To reach the potential participants we will use our existing social network in the Polish community established through the Bilingual Advocacy services as well as our Polish worker's informal contacts.


    We will provide funders with the report about the project's outcomes via Stockwell Partnership website at the end of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,100

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      Amount Heading Description
      £700 Venue, materials & advertising Hiring a venue for the sessions, flyers, posters, flipchart, stationery; refreshments
      £3,400 Trainers/psychologists Staff costs for trainers/leaders running the sessions
  • Background


    Polish people have become a major presence within Lambeth. The Polish population is increasingly visible in the borough, especially in Streatham, where there is an increasing number of Polish shops and restaurants. According to Polish Insights survey carried out by Stockwell Partnership, Poles are seeking for their own place in Lambeth; they want to be more integrated within their own community and the wider Lambeth community.


    The group will increase the participants well-being and skills and provide them with an opportunity to broaden their social networks.
    Empowering Polish women will enable them to interact more confidently with members of wider community. Therefore it will be beneficial for the whole community of Lambeth, which is a highly diverse borough in need of initiatives building community cohesion.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Stockwell Partnership is a charity run by local people for local people. In September 2014 we were commissioned by Lambeth Council to run focus groups to identify needs and opportunities with Lambeth’s significant Polish community. We are well networked in the Polish community in Lambeth since we have a strong track record of delivering a free service to Polish people in need.

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    Group Leader/Trainer

    Recruiting the participants, promoting the project, preparing and running support group sessions, evaluating the outcomes of the project.

    Group Leader/Trainer

    Recruiting the participants, promoting the project, preparing and running support group sessions, evaluating the outcomes of the project.