Project information

Urgent Medical Equipment

Aleh’s Medical Clinics provide professional medical intervention and preventive measures to minimize medical complications.
Aleh’s medical clinics are currently in need of various types of equipment to enable them to continue meeting the children’s life-saving and ongoing medical needs.

January 2014 - May 2014

Charity information: The Aleh Charitable Foundation

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  • Need


    Deficiency of urgent needed Medical Equipment.


    By being able to purchase the medical equipment and have them available for the treatment of the children.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enabling ALEH to purchase the urgently needed medical equipment.


    » Have a tour at our facility in Jerusalem in order to show interested people our dedicated and necessary work.

    What success will look like

    By the purchase of the needed items and bringing the needed equipment into force at the treatment of the children.

  • Impact


    Long term changes consist of better treatment for the children at ALEH, being able to execute more preventive medical treatment in order to prevent complications and the worsening of the medical conditions of the children.
    The success will be demonstrated in a decrease of complications and worsening of the medical conditions of the children and being able to treat more children waiting for medical treatment and care


    This is a very straightforward project. ALEH has a lot of experience purchasing the right medical equipment and using it in a correct manner. The only risk might be that the project will not be funded completely. In this case other external donors, which have donated medical equipment in the past will be approached in order to try to finalize the project. However, even if parts of the project is realized, parts of the medical equipment will be purchased. It is a very low risk project.


    Per request of donors, proof of Purchase and signed Financial Statements of 2014.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £28,957

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      Amount Heading Description
      £13,630 3 Cough Assist Simulates coughing to clear lungs and upper respiratory tract - Currently 3 needed (total price)
      £4,194 8 Specialized Hospital Beds Currently 8 needed (total price)
      £2,203 6 Portable Monitor -Oxygen Sat Portable monitors for measurement of oxygen saturation - Currently 6 needed (total price)
      £1,783 2 Standing Monitor -Oxygen Sat standing monitors for measuring oxygen saturation levels (Total price for 2- including standers)
      £1,555 1 Monitor for Blood pressure Portable monitor for measurement of blood pressure, saturation, temperature - 1 needed
      £1,817 8 Portable temperature gauges Portable temperature gauges - 5 needed (total price for 5)
      £1,678 3 Oxygen Tanks Oxygen Tanks - currently 2 needed (total price)
      £2,097 6 Kangaroo Feeders enables feeding in a controlled, precise manner for people, conditions require feeding via a tube
  • Background


    The Medical equipment is needed for the location in ALEH's Jerusalem and ALEH's Bnei Berak facility.


    All handicapped children which are residents of the facilities. Children have medical conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, as well as genetic disorders, including Tay-Sachs, Canavan disease and Rett syndrome.
    Children have different backgrounds. Frquent background of children are: Jewish, Muslim, Druze, Bedouin, Ethiopian.
    The wealth of the area differ. Many families live below the poverty line and are from a low socio-economic class.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Because ALEH is the largest organization in Israel which takes care for the double handicapped children with both a severe cognitive as well as a severe physical handicap. We have over 30 years of experience giving devoted care to the children in all different fields. From Medical, to para-medical treatment and personal development and providing the emotional needs and wants of every individual.

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    Nurse and Director of ALEH Jerusalem who dedicates her life to the care of the disabled from almost the first hour ALEH exists.