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Children's Small Group Holidays

The Trust works one to one with the children on the holidays, addressing specific issues aimed at improving family/school life for them. Through this emotional and practical support, many children have expressed their deep felt anxieties and fears including on occasions disclosures of abuse.

Each project lasts approx 5 days- we aim to undertake as many as we can fund.

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  • Need


    We help children who may have never known a secure loving family environment and nearly all those we see are from single parent, unemployed or very low income families. The children who take part in our educational small group holidays may have behavioral problems or have been neglected or mentally, emotionally, sexually or physically abused. Some have never been on a holiday before in their life. These children are not the least able; they have been disabled by their circumstances.


    These holidays help keep the children in the curriculum as they are designed to meet their needs and help build their self esteem. On individual experience levels children can learn that there is another way to live and there are adults who you can trust to care for you, mean what they say and say what they mean, eat good food, have a good week's sleep, learnt how to make choices, take care of yourself and keep clean, relax and be children!

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    SGH Trust aims to run as many small group holidays as it can fund, to help as many kids as possible.


    » Write fundraising letters to grant making bodies
    » Tug on the heart strings of local companies
    » Get our charity name out there to friends/ families/ contacts/ social media etc

    What success will look like

    The success will be shown by running the small group holidays, and the feedback from the staff/ kid about what was achieved. Some stories are heartbreaking to hear.

  • Impact


    The effect of the small group holidays is that on their return the children are more able to avail themselves of all the school has to offer and they find they have narrowed the gap between their own self image and that of their contemporaries. They also have an idea that there is another way to live and there are adults & people who you can trust to care for you.


    The project is run entirely by volunteers and has no assets. The only risk is that we received no funding.This will have a negative affect on the children we have started helping, and there is no way to minimise this risk any further.


    We are aiming to start a website although clearly we will have to be careful about the content posted. Pictures and stories will only be posted with permission, but we hope that an overview of each event can be given by the staff.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 venue hire Full purpose venue to house all staff and kids, not shared
      £1,100 Transport Van hire, insurance and fuel, collection and drop off
      £700 Food & float Traditional home cooked meals and just in case!
      £500 Seasonal items Santa stocking or bucket and spade
      £3,700 Staff trained child welfare staff 2:6 minimum
  • Background


    We work with a series of target schools in and around Bristol and have established strong relationships with the head teachers. Children are identified in partnership with the professionals at the school. We receive many requests from these schools which highlight the number of children that could benefit from our holidays.


    In the main, the children taken on the holiday will benefit from the project, but also their families, and their school and contemporaries in a wider sense.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Volunteers at SGH Trust have been involved in similar charities for over 20 years and have many heartbreaking and encouraging stories to tell regarding the hundreds of children they have helped over the years. We are all volunteers and have almost no overhead- every penny we raise goes towards the holidays- there is no hidden agenda and no massive bank balance to keep.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Emma Dark

    Trustee and Chartered Accountant- spare time fund raiser with optimism.

    Jude Pollard

    Child protection manager, Jude lives for the charity and fundraises tirelessly to keep making a difference in the children's lives.

    Rosi Howes

    Child protection plus super cook :-) Rosi is also a 20 year camp veteran.