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Winter Warmer Appeal

With winter fast approaching and the thought of thousands of our former servicemen living from hand to mouth on the streets of the UK we wish to rent as many industrial units as possible for the winter months and provide veterans with a place to sleep, food and clothing.

October 2013 - March 2014

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  • Need


    Thousands of veterans are living homeless on the streets of the UK, each with their own unique reasons. Winter is fast approaching and for many of these people their only shelter is a sleeping bag and a cardboard box with only the clothes they stand up in and a few pennies in their pockets.
    All the homeless in the UK are people, not objects to be ignored or left to freeze in a shop doorway or under a bridge.


    In addition to our care farm, we aim to rent as many industrial units across the UK for the winter months as possible, and provide night time accommodation, a hot meal and warm clothes for our homeless veterans

    We need to find and secure industrial units for several months, puchase camp beds, bedding, clothes, food and crockery to ensure that we can provide a safe, warm, dry environment as possible.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Raise funds to rent industrial units across the UK for the winter early spring period


    » Run media campaigns, local press, facebook and other social sites to ask for support, try to recruit volunteers to aid with fund raising etc
    » Start on line auctions, attend local charity events, collections at superstores and speak to local businesses asking for sponsorship

    What success will look like

    To have raised sufficient funds to have opened one temporary shelter by the end of November 2013 and fully equipped the same

    Aim 2

    Liaise with property agents, councils and other services then rent several industrial units.


    » Find suitable industrial units which have kitchen & wc facilities. Ideally shower room as well. Discuss rates etc with agents and secure volunteers
    » Discuss the implications of rental with the local authorities and emergency services to confirm the viability of the proposal before renting the same
    » Purchase bedding, beds and equipment to furnish each unit fully. Ask for donations and speak to local businesses asking for support.

    What success will look like

    By raising our public awareness and having the approval of the relevant authorities to ensure that the units are in keeping with all necessary regulations

    Aim 3

    Recruit volunteers, promote the availability of the units to local GP surgeries, hospitals etc


    » Media appeals, press releases and charity leaflets to local businesses and organisations explaining what we do and why and asking for help and support

    What success will look like

    Having sufficient volunteers to man the units daily. Ensure that the emergency services are aware of the units and can refer clients to us when necessary

  • Impact


    All veterans who attend the units will be given the opportunity to seek help through the appropriate organisations, in the same manner that clients at the care farm would be given.
    We hope that schemes such as this will be adopted in future years by the local communities and the facilities are donated by local estate agents and property owners, volunteers will continue to offer their services and the public start to see the person behind the sleeping bag and cardboard box.


    The biggest risk to this project would be only raising suffient funds to rent a unit for say two months, then having to explain to the homeless veterans that attend the facility they started to rely on during the bad weather may have to close.

    We have started the campaign now in an effort to ensure that we give ourselves the maximum opportunity to fulfil our goals. We have started to up date all sites connected with the charity on a daily basis to continue to promote our work.


    Regular updates will be posted on facebook and our charity site. Any sponsorship or corporate donations will be detailed on our wall of thanks , together with details of donors who do not wish to remain annonyous

    Emails and text message can be sent to donors monthly if details are supplied.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £150,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £75,000 Industrial Unit Rental Rent 5 plus industrial units close to city centres for a 5 to 6 month period
      £50,000 Fully equip each unit Ensure each unit meets all safety regulations, and is fully furnished with camp beds, bedding etc
      £25,000 Stock the shelves Purcahse food, crockery, cutlery, clothing to meet the needs of our clients throughout winter
  • Background


    Various locations across the UK close to large towns and city centres where it is known to have a large homeless veteran population.

    The number of industrial units that we rent will depend on the amount of money raised.


    Any HM Forces veteran, who has found themselves homeless for whatever reason.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been providing accommodation for homeless veterans for the past seven years but have always been limited for space.

    We are aware of the emotions and thought process of many of these people and understand how difficult it is for them to ask for help

    We have the experience to advise clients on other service charities who may be able to offer assistance and signpost them accordingly and crutially a good understanding on the benefits of veterans being with their own kind

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Anthony Finlay

    Co-founder of Exmod Forget-Me- Not, Tony has been homeless and fully appreciates the plight of our homeless veterans and the guilt associated with it

A warm safe bed for the night, not much to ask

A warm safe bed for the night, not much to ask


Would buy the bedding for one bed

Been there, done it and have the t shirt. I only wish this idea had been around when I was on the streets

A Brown