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Shining Light is on the ground in Cambodia right now and we need donations to help feed those who have lost their food supplies and in some cases their homes,in the recent ongoing flooding. The people we help include children,orphans, widows, single mothers and other adults living in dire poverty

October 2013 - January 2014

Charity information: Shining Light

Shining Light
  • Need


    Major flash floods and rising river water in the 2013 monsoon season has caused chaos in many provinces in Cambodia with thousands made homeless and many having lost all food supplies. These people are in need of our help through no fault of their own. We aim to replace food supplies and to help with clothing and medicine and temporary accomodation where necessary until the flood waters recede and things begin to go back to normal.


    The main problem we need to address is food and temporary shelter for those without homes, especially to make sure small children and orphans are safe and well looked after.So far in the last 3 weeks 83 people have drowned as a result of widespread flooding across the country and 34 of these were small children aged between 0 and 2. We are already helping in a village in the west of Cambodia close to Battambang.£7 will keep a child alive for 2 weeks. Please help us to help those in absolute need

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide food,clothing and shelter during the period of flooding until the monsoon season is over


    » we are already buying food and medicine and distributing it, but we have no money left and we need to continue this and also to provide accomodation

    £7 will save a child from starvation for 2 weeks. We will provide photo evidence of all the work we do. We are a registered UK charity but we are on the groiund now in Cambodia

  • Impact


    If we can save 1 child's life then that will be a success. That child may need our ongoing help for a while after this flooding is over,and we will do our best to provide that help where it is needed. The more lives we save the better. It is not only hunger and homelessness that are the problems but also the diseases carried in the water. Most Cambodians boil the water but flooding makes this very difficult and many will drink the river water and then get sick. So we will need medicine too.


    we will deal with each case as it arises and use our common sense. The aim is to save lives and not to make mistakes by risking others lives.


    We report by email once a month or for as long as the support is ongoing. Where possible photographich evidence is provided to show where the money was spent and what the donation achieved. We are experienced with dealing with problems, and building houses, toilets, kitchens,getting medical help etc

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 emergency food/water this is the most immediate concern.The amount is an initial figure.The more we get,the more get fed
      £1,000 temporary accomodation If the amount exceeds the need then any surplus will be used to buy food,medicine and water.
      £1,000 medicine mostly for parasitic illnesses caused by drinking unboiled water. Also for cases of dengue fever
  • Background


    We are baed in Slarkram village which is about 25 minute moto ride from Battambang city in the west of Cambodia. Most people live on or below the poverty line and we have been operating in this village since 2008, building houses, toilets, kitchens, and helping with money for food, especially for widows with children and single mothers, and also victims of the Khmer Rouge who survived but have ongoing health issues. We also pay hospital bills and treat children who get dengue fever.


    We will help those most in need, especially women with small children, and elderly people who have lost their homes and possessions. Later when the flood waters recede we will go and assess the damage and use any extra money to help repair properties and provide ongoing support where food supplies have been lost.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are best placed because we are on the ground right now in a Cambodian village and the process has already begun. We also have someone in the UK trying to raise the money. The money is then sent to the the village and every penny goes to help those in need. The only problem we have is lack of funds. We just need donations and then we can help more and more of those in absolute need. it is heartbreaking to be there but not to be able to help so please donate and help us to help the villager

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    Narath is the main co-ordinator in the village. He knows the people and knows those most in need. We have worked with Narath since our beginning.