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Mental Health Information Online For Children

Children and young people with mental health problems are scared of being ridiculed, bullied and demonised by society.

Too ashamed to seek help, where can they turn? YoungMinds website offers accurate, reliable mental health information and peer support to more than one person a minute.


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  • Need


    Children and young people worried about their mental health are often too scared to talk about their concerns. Instead they ignore them and hope it will simply go away.

    Meanwhile they carry on suffering in silence with problems manifesting in worrying behaviour, their relationships and school work (they are more likely to struggle or even be expelled).

    Problems become entrenched, and escalate leading to far more serious and harder to solve problems, sometimes leading to a crisis.


    We know that children and young people often prefer to seek information online - 47% of teenagers have their own smartphone and over 90% have access to a home computer or laptop.

    Confidential and non-judgmental, the internet can be the perfect answer to a problem so hidden and with so much stigma attached. With more than one person a minute looking for information, reassurance and support on our site, we can already see the potential.

    Our site offers up-to-date, accurate information.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To help children and young people to understand how they are feeling.


    » We will provide comprehensive, easy to understand, information about common mental health problems - their symptoms and how to get help.

    Young people visiting and spending time on each of our web pages. We can identify which pages people visit so know what common problems are being viewed.

    Aim 2

    To encourage children and young people to get early help for their mental ill health.


    » By reading our resources children and young people will have the knowledge and confidence to speak to someone about their problems and get help.

    On a grand scale more children and young people will talk to someone and seek early resolution of problems.

    Aim 3

    To help children and young people to understand that they aren't alone.


    » By providing real life stories from other young people who are suffering or have suffered. We will also provide statistical information.

    Young people will read the real life stories and comment upon them.

  • Impact


    More children and young people will find the information they need and get earlier management and resolution of problems.

    They will have better mental health now and in the long-term, improved physical health, academic attainment and ability to become active, healthy members of their community.

    By raising awareness amongst ever greater numbers of young people and their families we will reduce stigma and create a generational change in attitudes to, and support for, mental ill health.


    The main risk is that we don't refresh and update our online resources to make them appealing and attractive to young people. This would result in young people not getting the help that they need. Instead mental health problems grow, they gather steam, they reach crisis point.

    We will overcome this by engaging young people for feedback.

    Paid workers ensure that the information is correct and regularly updated as well as monitor the site to stop inappropriate comments.


    Donors can very easily see the results of our hard work on our website at any time. We can also provide statistical information related to visitors to the site and collate their feedback.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £53,722

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      Amount Heading Description
      £23,000 Volunteers and Staff Maintaing and updating the site, young people's expenses
      £14,622 External IT support Technical development
      £3,840 Telephony & IT Hosting
      £12,260 Admin and Overheads including premises and management costs

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Grand Charity £15,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    London based but available nationally (or internationally even).


    850,000 children and young people suffer from mental ill health. We could benefit all of those as well as those who believe they may be suffering, We will also help their families.

    Mental ill health knows no boundaries and so we will appeal to people from across the population including the hardest to reach groups who are either geographically or emotionally isolated.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    YoungMinds is the only national charity committed to improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people. There is no other charity with the skills and experience of YoungMinds who would be able to deliver such a project.

    Our website has been running successfully for many years and after a redesign with young people has increased in popularity from 260,000 unique visitors to 702,000.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Deborah Mackay

    Our Web Editor who has main responsibility for ensuring the website is up-to-date and engaging.