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Youth Centre and Cultural Activities Job Shadowing

This project will provide a job shadowing opportunity between two young men from the Srebrenica Youth Centre (Bosnia), and the Bridport Youth & Community Centre, the Bournemouth YMCA Youth Projects, The Hub & Departure Arts, Rio (a social enterprise centre in Plymouth) and Phakama UK (London).

October 2013 - November 2013

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  • Need


    Srebrenica is the town where genocide took place 17 years ago during the Bosnian war. Youth unemployment is about 68% and many have never had a job. There is little to do and there are corrupt organisations, religious and political, which foster the hatred. Everyone in the town suffers from a degree of post-traumatic stress disorder. Our project will provide vital training for two members of staff; one from the Srebrenica Youth Centre and one from the Suceska Centre, local to Srebrenica.


    Through a job shadowing process with a number of youth organisations in the UK, the two young men from Srebrenica will learn new techniques and strategies which they will take back to Srebrenica. A key part of the project is to establish relationships between the organisations so that the knowledge sharing continues long after the project has. We are also talking with the European Commission in Sarajevo and our local MEP in the South West UK to try and make changes at national policy level.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To build connections between the Srebrenica Youth Centre (SYC) and youth centres in the UK.


    » They will visit the Bridport Youth & Community Centre, building on the connections already formed between schools in Srebrenica and Bridport.
    » There visit with the Devonport Guildhall will contribute to ideas for social enterprise spaces, regenerating buildings, heritage led work, volunteers
    » At the Bournemouth YMCA Youth Projects they will learn about cooperation between two local centres to apply to the Suceska YC and the SYC back in BiH.

    Regular contact over the next 12 months resulting in another Job-Shadow exchange next year. Greater cooperation between the Suceska and Srebrenica Youth Centres in Bosnia.

    Aim 2

    To provide an opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and new techniques in running a youth centre


    » To participate in the daily activities of the centres learning about different techniques to bring more people in e.g. running a cafe, delegation
    » Job-shadow Youth Project Managers learning about project development, implementation and evaluation, as well as team-building and people management.
    » Undertake sessions on fund-raising and writing applications. To learn about managing budgets, cost-saving measures and return on investment strategy.
    » Meet a team of support & area youth workers to learn about the common assessment framework process, personal health, social education and citizenship.

    Increased attendance at the SYC by young people is the first measure.
    The second is the formation of a small team of paid employees to run the SYC.

  • Impact


    Srebrenica is a hard place to drive change and to create an atmosphere of hope. A vibrant youth centre in Srebrenica will bring reason for young people to be proud and happy to live in their town, to provide them with education, culture and the opportunity to get involved in many different projects.
    We hope that through the development of a website, as part of this project, the improved activities available at the SYC will be captured and visible to all online.


    It will be an intense 19 days for both young men with the vast amount of information they will have the chance to absorb, in their second language, but we have cooperated with them for many years and trust in their commitment to make the most of this fantastic opportunity. An evaluation and reporting process will be created so that the information and training they receive will be imparted as a short course to others in their respective youth centres.


    An evaluation of the project will be made available as hard copy or online including:
    • A documentary film for showing at presentations and schools
    • Diaries from the participants documenting their experiences
    • Identification of 5 key skills they have learnt and how they intend to use them

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £6,830

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,322 Transport Flights from Bosnia to the UK, travel in the UK to Dorset, Plymouth and London
      £1,892 Project Costs £46 per day, per participant allowance
      £1,116 Exceptional Costs Translator (10 days), visas, transport and medical insurance
      £397 Transport 30% match funding
      £2,103 Opera Circus Admin Fund-raising, office equipment and project management

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    EU Youth In Action £4,331 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The main part of the project will take place in Dorset; Bridport, Lyme Regis and Bournemouth, because Opera Circus are based there and have established strong working relationships with organisations based there as well as in BiH. A schools exhange project organised by Opera Circus has laid the foundation for further cooperation between the towns. In addition they will travel to Plymouth to visit the social enterprise organisation, Rio, and to London to visit Phakama UK & Spotlight.


    Primarily the young people in Srebrenica and Suceska who will visit the centres where the two young Bosnian men will implement the new skills and knowledge they have gained. We have consciously chosen one young man, a Bosniak Muslim and the other a Bosnian Serb. There collaboration is a working role model for Srebrenica.
    We hope that the youth centres in the UK will learn from the Bosnians, firstly on inter-cultural level, but also about how resourceful people can be in such hard times.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Opera Circus has been organising national and international projects for over 20 years. This includes small scale tours, major productions, youth exchange and cultural programmes both regionally, nationally and internationally. We have extensive experience working with young people in Srebrenica having contributed towards the annual theatre and youth music festivals for the past 4 years as well as setting up a schools exchange programme and bringing the first ever opera to Srebrenica.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Tina Ellen Lee

    Artistic Director, Opera Circus To provide strategy and direction for all involved in the project both from Bosnia and the UK including fund raising

    George Nickson

    Project Manager, Opera Circus To ensure that the full schedule is achieved and the evaluation is completed and circulated.

    Nemanja Zekic

    Director of the Srebrenica Youth Centre to participate fully in the project process and gain as much knowledge as possible to take back to Srebrenica.

    Hariz Alic

    Director of the Suceska Youth Centre To participate fully in the project process and gain as much knowledge as possible to take back to Suceska.

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