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Project information

Educational Development in Western Nepal

The CAIRN Trust develops and improves the educational offering in the rural communities of Nepal.

We have identified four regions in Western Nepal in need of educational development :Lamjung, Gorkha, Kaski and Syjanga.


Charity information: The CAIRN Trust (Child Aid In Rural Nepal)

The CAIRN Trust (Child Aid In Rural Nepal) logo
  • Need


    Rural communities in Nepal have limited access to education , suffering from a lack of educational infrastructures, resources and expertise.

    Schools are remote and dilapidated. Teachers receive little to no training and lack resources with which to deliver interactive lessons. Books are a luxury.

    90% of families live on less than 50p a day. The extra cost of school fees and learning materials means children are not able to start their schooling


    CAIRN has three core programmes that help solve the above issues:

    1. We build and equip Schools in partnership with communities and provide ongoing teacher development, focusing on early years.

    2. We install Libraries in schools with dual publication, age and grade appropriate books and learning resources.

    3. We provide Educational Awards (CEA's) to the most marginalised children, consisting of a bi-annual package of books, uniforms, shoes, school fees, stationery and a medical fund.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improve educational infrastructures in rural communities


    » Construct, renovate and refurbish quality Schools, Nurseries and Libraries
    » Connect nearby communities through educational projects to promote sharing of resources and best practise
    » Equip the schools and libraries with the age appropriate learning resources
    » Engage and empower the community by establishing school/library management committees who are instrumental in the programme delivery

    What success will look like

    Safe, suitable and sustainable learning environments built to the highest quality and conducive to learning

    Aim 2

    Improve the quality of rural education


    » Provide age and grade appropriate books and learning resources
    » Provide one on one on-going teacher training and development in the field
    » Work with communities (Parents, teachers, School Management and Village Development committees) on capability development and sustainability
    » Carefully monitor and evaluate the success of each project component

    What success will look like

    Child-centerd learning environments with appropriate learning materials and confident, supported teachers

    Aim 3

    Alleviate the financial burden of education for the poorest of families


    » Enable the poorest children to go to school through a bi-annual CEA package including school fees, books, stationary, shoes and uniforms
    » Support children and families with regular visits from skilled and dedicated Social Workers in school and at home
    » Provide an adequate medical fund and address primary health problems

    What success will look like

    Higher enrollment, attendance and achievement figures for the poorest children as well as healthy and supported families

  • Impact


    Improved educational opportunities, increased completion rates from Primary and Secondary School and higher literacy levels in rural communities in Western Nepal.

    Capable communities will demonstrate their own success through the on-going sustainability of their educational programmes.


    1. Lack of community commitment

    Addressed by engaging the community from the onset, signed MOU's and securing budget of 30% input from the community.

    2. Staff-turnover

    In order to reduce risk associated with staff-turnover, training is cascaded to School and Library Management committees and Head teachers.

    3. Government instability

    Flexibility is built into our programmes so that they can adapt to local and national Government changes.


    We carefully and consistently monitor and evaluate our projects so that we can report regularly and accurately via our newsletters, emails and website.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £160,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £47,920 Infrastructure Construction of Schools, Nurseries and Libraries
      £23,040 Professional development Educational Resources and Teacher Training
      £89,040 CEA's CAIRN Educational Awards to send the poorest children to school
  • Background


    This initiative will develop education in four regions in Western Nepal. This includes communities in the districts of Lamjung, Kaski, Syangja and Gorkha.


    4230 children aged 3 - 16 will directly benefit from increased access to quality education

    620 teachers will directly benefit from improved teaching resources and on-going training and development

    13 rural communities (more than 14,000 individuals) will benefit from these educational developments

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    CAIRN have already improved the educational opportunities for 18,999 children across rural Nepal.

    Our programmes are tried and tested and have the full support and approval of the Nepalese Government.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Liz Woodcock

    CAIRN Development Director