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Musical Theatre Summer School

Local children attend a week long summer school to create a musical theatre play in a week. This project helps children transition from primary to secondary education. Through the arts, we mix young people from different schools, building confidence, good communication and cooperation skills.

August 2014 - August 2014

Charity information: Blue Elephant Theatre Limited

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  • Need


    Children often experience anxiety around transition periods, particulally between primary and secondary school. This project helps to build confidence, meet new people and express ones self, through the arts.

    We select the most vulnerable children who need help with vital social skills or who are disadvantaged (English as additional lanuage/ victims of bulling)

    This project also provides positive activities for young people who would otherwise be disengauged for socio-economical reasons.


    Throughout the week, we ask the children to work creativly together with people they have never met, in a safe and supported environment. This allows the children to develope social skills in preperation for a positive learning environment in schools. This raised self-esteem, helps the children to deal with challenges they face.

    The performance element helps to celebrate the achievement of all the participants, giving a huge sence of achievement, self-worth and pride.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Building confidence of young people during anxious times, to help them face future challenges.


    » Supporting each young person with their tasks on a one to one basis means that they all succeed, building confidence through successful achievement.
    » By completing creative activities, young people who are not high achievers in school, have the opportunity to achieve through creatative expression.
    » Through a final celebration performance, we reinforce the feeling of self-worth and success for the children, alongside their parents/carers/friends

    What success will look like

    We gather case studies and feedback forms filled out by parents and children. We also maintain communication with schools, to see how the young people continue to develope.

    Aim 2

    Developing vital social skills that are needed to maintain a positive learning environment in school


    » Working with other children that are unfamiliar, mean the children practise social skills that will be vital in school (to avoid isolation)
    » Through the arts, children must practise key skills such as cooperation and communication, in order to succeed.

    What success will look like

    By demonstraiting these skills and providing positive role models for the children, we gather case studies and feedback. We also write daily reports to track progress.

    Aim 3

    To increase the well-being of children in a deprived area.


    » This project is free of charge and we work with local schools to hand select students most in need- regardless of financial situations.
    » By having a sustained positive activity, many children who would normally be left at home alone, attend and socialise, improving their well-being.
    » By enguaging new young people on this project, we increase their awareness of cultural activities in their area.

    What success will look like

    We track levels of enguagement in other theatre projects, to see if children have benefitted in long term changes. We also collect case studies and feedback.

  • Impact


    Young People will learn social skills that impact on their learning in school. We track the participant's progress in school/ other theatre projects and gather case study evidence and written feedback from teachers and parents.

    Young people also benefit from enguagement in a positive activity, giving purpose to their free time (reducing crime and anti-social behaviour). We can also track the children's future involvement in creative culture/ positive activities in the local area


    Every year, almost triple the maximum ammount of young people apply to be on this project. (this year in 2013, 65 children applied for 30 places). This means that we have a huge ammount of young people who do not get a place and are dissapointed. We ensre that each year, we give priority to the waiting list from the previous year, so the young people do not feel rejection.


    We will provide written breakdown of activities.
    We will provide written breakdown of the participants, including ages, ethnicities and reasons for referal.
    We will provide written summery of the feedback given by parents and participants.
    We will also invite all funders to the final showcase

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £1,200

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      Amount Heading Description
      £500 lead facilitator 5 days of creative teaching for 30 children
      £300 support facilitator (5 days) 5 days of creative teaching support for 30 children
      £300 street dance teacher (3 days) 3 days of street dance teaching for 30 children
      £100 refreshments food and drinks for 5 days for 30 children
  • Background


    This project happens at the Blue Elephant Theatre, in Camberwell, in the heart of a seriously disadvantaged estate.

    The number of people in Southwark, living in deprivation is "significantly worse than England" (Wellbeing Index-1).

    Over 58% of Southwark is at the lowest living standard in England. this directly includes our estate, where our participants live, resulting in low self-esteem and low aspirations.


    Participants are selected based on their vulnerability (including low self-esteem or academic under-achievement).

    There is a direct link between this vulnerability and the low socio-economical status of the participants. We find that most of the participants will not do anything else over the school holiday, due to financial reasons.

    90% of participants are from a BAME background and often speak English as a second language.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    having worked in this area for 14 years, Blue Elephant has built excellent connections with local stakeholders in potencial participant's lives (such as schools, youth centres etc). This means we recieve a lot of referals and are able to ensure our services are reached by the most vulnerable young people.

    Our close proximity to potencial participants and exceptionqal reputation, means that parents feel safe sending their children to BET and trust the standard of the projects.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jo Sadler-Lovett

    Participation Director: delivers info to local schools/ organisations, gather referals and communicate with parents, line manage all staff.

    Sherene Hanley

    Musical Theatre director: oversees and delivers all the creative teaching of the project.

    Lauren Maile-Wilson

    Summer School Assistant: maintains pastoral support and individual support of all the young people.

summer school- team building game

summer school- team building game


will pay for 30 children to attend summer school

"the programme has benefitted my child as she has spent time with other children from different schools and made friends, rather than watching TV.

parent of participant