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Straight Talking in Hounslow

Young people (aged 13-16) living in deprived areas of Hounslow, with high rates of teenage pregnancy will benefit from courses which present the hard- hard-hitting realities of pregnancy and parenthood, ensuring that they understand the impact of the choices they are making.

January 2014 - December 2014

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  • Need


    We want to address the high rates of teenage pregnancy in Hounslow - which are much higher than across London. Amongst young parents:
    • c.40% of teenage mothers leave school with no qualifications.
    • 15 % of all NEETs are teenage mothers or pregnant teenagers
    • Teenage mothers are 20% more likely to have no qualifications by the age of 30

    We address the lack of understanding that young people have about parenthood, leading them to make choices that affect their future life chances.


    The courses present the realities of being a young parent and are based on the principle that young people might already know how not to get pregnant - but that they also need to know why not to get pregnant.

    The courses are delivered by teenage parents, who can deliver hard-hitting messages on the realities of being a parent and ensure that young people understand the financial hardship and loneliness, as well as the relentless responsibilities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To ensure reduce the likelihood of young people in Hounslow becoming teenage parents.


    » We will deliver 50 courses (250 sessions) in Hounslow over the year, reaching 1,500 young people.

    Young people will attend courses and demonstrate that they have a greater understanding of the realities of teenage pregnancy and parenthood

  • Impact


    The project will contribute to the reduction of the teenage pregnancy rate in Hounslow.

    We will demonstrate this success through tracking teenage conception rates in the borough, and comparing them to neighbouring boroughs. Success will be that the teenage conception rate compares favourably to neighbouring boroughs and across London.

    We will also get feedback from the schools in terms impact and success will be a positive rating from the teachers and repeat bookings for courses.


    High turnover of Peer Educators which might impact on delivery and quality, this is mitigated by the quality of training materials and the experience of the core team in training newly promoted staff.

    Increasing unemployment for young people, affecting aspirations and perceptions of life choices which will be mitigated by addressing this in the courses.


    We can provide quarterly email reports which will provide information on the numbers of courses run, schools reached and numbers of young people reached. We will also provide a case study and any emerging issues that have arisen and will be addressed in the project delivery.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £14,921

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,224 Local Scheme Co-ordinator 8 hours per week *£7.75
      £5,000 Course Delivery 250 sessions @£20 per session
      £960 Barring & Vetting 15 Peer Educators
      £1,750 Course Manuals Materials for courses
      £1,500 Travel and Phone 250 sessions @£6 per session
      £2,487 Office Costs Office costs, telephone, postage etc.
  • Background


    The project will work across Hounslow reaching young mothers and fathers, with school delivered focused on specific wards:
    Feltham North Ward (Rivers Academy)
    Hounslow Heath Ward (The Heathland School)
    Syon Ward (The Green School)
    Brentford Ward (Brentford School)


    The project will benefit 1,250 young people living in deprived areas of Hounslow which have high rates of teenage pregnancy. The borough has one of the highest numbers of unemployed people with 4,700 sixteen to twenty-four year-olds unemployed last year. Families are more likely to be living in overcrowded housing than in other areas of London and to live in social housing. The borough is diverse culturally and economically -Feltham and Brentford are in the 10% most deprived areas in England.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only charity using this innovative model of working with young people - by involving teenage parents we can deliver a hard-hitting message which focuses on the realities of teenage parenthood.

    Our work also focuses on why young people should not get pregnant - often they know how not too but don't understand the reasons why not too.

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    Local Scheme Co-Ordinator

    They will work to develop partnerships with local schools and other agencies and to support and train the Peer Educators

    Peer Educator

    They will deliver the schools programme in schools.