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SATTF Fundraising Appeal

Help us to secure our future ensuring that we continue to: deliver professional large-cast productions; promote accessibility; create educational projects; offer opportunities for new actors and develop touring.

August 2013 - October 2015

Charity information: Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory (SATTF)

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  • Need


    As SATTF enters its 15th year, audience growth for its annual productions and interest in the company’s education initiatives is at an all-time high. SATTF has instigated a spring touring programme in the UK to meet increasing demand. In addition results collated from SATTF’s 2013 Audience and Education Surveys represent an overwhelming endorsement of the company’s main aims – to produce high-quality large-scale Shakespeare (and other work) with clarity, and to provide educational opportunities.


    SATTF will deliver a two play, three month season for Bristol audiences in 2015 with a six week UK spring tour expected to play to well over 30,000 people. In addition SATTF will offer workshops in Bristol and on tour to children between 13 and 18 years to promote greater accessibility and engagement. The work will ensure accessibility through marketing initiatives which will target young people and those people who may be new to Shakespeare or discouraged from past experience.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To present a two play season in 2015, accessible to audiences, and to develop touring.


    » Promote SATTF’s ethos of accessibility to audiences of different ages and backgrounds through marketing initiatives, audience research and interaction
    » Continue to forge links with theatres across the UK and internationally to enable wider accessibility to SATTF’s work.

    Success will be through audience attendance of over 30,000 people for the Bristol season and UK tour and extended audience reach will be demonstrated through guided feedback.

    Aim 2

    To offer educational opportunities in Bristol and on tour and to encourage diversity.


    » Offer subsidised and free places and actively source participants from a variety of locations and backgrounds to ensure inclusivity.
    » Offer structured education opportunities and liaise with a variety of schools and groups to ensure a diverse mix of students.

    Success will be through participation from students from a wide range of schools and backgrounds and monitored through structured feedback.

    Aim 3

    Provide an on-going assessment of the impact of the work to benefit future development.


    » Audience surveys to ensure on-going feedback in Bristol and on tour to build on previous survey responses and help to develop the work further.
    » Ensure feedback resulting from educational and participation work and collate information to confirm relevance and key targets for accessibility.

    Audience repsonse will be observed and monitored through surveys and feedback sessions with participants.

  • Impact


    New audiences will be introduced to the work through consolidated marketing campaigns and research. SATTF will promote its workshops to young people from a diversity of backgrounds. Success will be monitored through carefully structured audience and participation feedback.


    Audience diversity is a key priority in terms of age and location across the city. There is a risk that attendance will not reflect diversity. SATTF will minimise this risk through marketing, research, participation opportunities and on-going monitoring surveys.


    SATTF will promote engagement through its website, mailing list and social media pages. Regular updates will be provided as the season progresses. Audiences and participants will be encouraged to contribute via social media, website and monitoring surveys.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,000 Season and Tour Combined production and actor/freelance costs towards 2014 Season and Tour.
      £4,000 Workshops Costs towards provision of workshops and safeguarding free and subsidised places.
      £3,000 Accessibility Marketing costs towards extensive audience research, printed and online publicity and feedback.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    anonymous £1,000 Guaranteed
    anonymous £1,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    SATTF is an independent charity based in the Tobacco Factory in South Bristol. This once deprived area of Bristol has enjoyed a spectacular arts-led rennaissance thanks to Architect and Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson, who acquired the Tobacco Factory building in 1995 to save it from demolition. UK touring locations will encompass a wide spread from Scarborough to Winchester.


    Since its first season in 2000, SATTF's sell-out productions at the Tobacco Factory Theatre in South Bristol now attract thousands of people annually. The area is now thriving with restaurants and independent businesses. We expect 20,000 audience members to benefit in Bristol and hundreds of students who will attend workshops, productions and after-show discussions. On tour over 10,000 people will attend the productions to include hundreds of students including many people new to Shakespeare.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    SATTF remains a leading producer of Shakespeare, and other classic works, in the UK. The company is repeatedly praised for the clarity of its storytelling and the quality of its large-ensemble. Audiences have grown exponentially since the first productions in 2000. The company has produced work in London and Ireland and is now developing a UK touring circuit to meet growing demand. Education and outreach activities are central to the work. SATTF is committed to promoting audience accessibility.

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    Andrew Hilton

    Founder and Artistic Director SATTF: and experienced actor and tutor at the BOV Theatre School, his work is frequently praised in the national press.

    Chris Donnelly

    Workshop Director SATTF: involved as an actor since the first season in 2000; augmented the company's outreach work developing a thriving programme.

    Morag Massey

    General Manager SATTF: Trained Broadcast Journalist, worked for BBC Radio 4 as event organiser, researcher, producer. Marketing and tour development.

    Kate Mansbridge

    Administrator SATTF: Previous charity experience with Action for Children and Oxfam. Developing audience and participation surveys.

John Mackay as Richard III by Mark Douet

John Mackay as Richard III by Mark Douet

‘The Shakespearean power house ... no bussed-in stars just first-class acting and direction.'

Susannah Clapp - The Observer 2013