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Project information

The Emerald Centre Community Development Programme

We want to deliver activities for the vulnerable groups that come to The Emerald Centre. The groups include disability, senior citizen, young parents and children, Traveller and Gypsy and local community projects. The activities will include sport, art, media, armchair aerobics, health/well-being

February 2014 - February 2015

Charity information: The Emerald Centre

The Emerald Centre
  • Need


    Our project will aim to reduce isolation for vulnerable groups, improve health and well-being, integrate marginalised groups into mainstream provision. The area is very deprived with high unemployment and lack of provision. There are high levels of crime and anti social behaviour amongst young people - therefore providng a menu of stimulating activuties, young people will be diverted away from crime and risk of exploitation. Providing health/ well being programmes will tackle health inequalities


    By delivering a wide range of activities to reduce isolation which will include, luncheon groups, disability fun days, media/music/arts projects. We will deliver oral history programmes working with Traveller and Gypsy communities as well as the new arrivals to the area . We will develop our existing lrish Language and cultural programmes. This will include Irish dance and gaelic games, which has a strong membership. We would like to develop more projects with disability and vulnerable elderly.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide a range of activities for vulnerable diabled adults who use the Centre.


    » 20 sessions comprising of social and recreational activities e.g cinema, bowling, picnics in community gardens/parks and multi media skills workshops.
    » Weekly armchair aerobic sessions and sports activities delivered by local young people/adults who undertake sport qulaifications at the Cenre

    What success will look like

    Success will be engaging 100 clients over the course of the year and having involved local agencies and young people.

    Aim 2



    » 20 Multi Media workshops to record and celebrate traveller & gypsy life, producing a DVD, showcasing work at a local theatre for all to see.
    » Celebrate Traveller & Gypsy Week in June 2014 with a range of activities designed to engage the host community as well, leading to community cohesion

    What success will look like

    50 Travellers participating in a menu of programmes with 20 achieving accredited outcomes.

    Aim 3

    To provide opportunities for young people to play a more active role in their local community.


    » 20 Youth activities, incorporating, arts, media, music, sports and off site trips to increase social skills and enhance self esteem and confidence.
    » Set up a young people's Forum so that their voice is heard by decision makers, elected councillors and organisations that deliver services to them.

    What success will look like

    100 young people participating in a range of positive activities on a regular basis, supported by team of volunteers and sessional support staff.

    Aim 4



    » To deliver weekly Health & Well Being classes, e.g. armchair aerobics, healthy eating initiatives, specific health issue workshops.
    » To deliver 24 IT classes to enable the elderly to keep in contact with family and friends as well as learn new skills in a non-threating environment.
    » To deliver 48 active outdoor classes, e.g. walking, gardening, visiting places of interest.

    What success will look like

    40 sessions attracting 200 senior citizens attending healthy eating luncheon groups, IT classes, health and well being seminars.

  • Impact


    Improvement in the quality of life for 450 vulnerable and hard to reach people. Providing opportunity placements for at least 50 people over the year. Demonstrate success through asking participants to complete feedback forms, discussion forums, monitoring distance travelled regarding lifestyle choices and attainment on activities and progression. Other agencies will also be involved in monitoring through recording referrals made by the Centre, e.g. Doctors and health centres.


    Providers/volunteers may change over the course of the project and momentum could be lost, as people will have developed trust and understanding with the deliverers - we will have regular monthly meetings with the key providers/volunteers and service users. The Community Development Manager will oversee the projects and report to the Centre Manager who in turn reports to the Trustees. Over capacity of the Centre to accommodate additional activities- We have additional space at the Sacred Heart.


    Donors to this project will receive a monthly email report on the project highlighting good news stories and case studies as well the ongoing and forthcoming activities and any necessary changes that have been made to the project plans. We will host celebration events inviting donors to attend.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,500 Disability activities 68 sessions of social,recreational & sports
      £2,000 Traveller activities 20 Multi Media workshops
      £2,500 Traveller Activities 1 Traveller & Gypsy Event in June 2014
      £2,000 Youth Activities 20 arts, media, music, sports sessions
      £1,000 Youth Activities Establish Young people's Forum
      £2,000 Elderly Seniors 48 Health & Well Being classes
      £2,400 Elderly Seniors 24 IT classes
      £4,600 Elderly Seniors 48 active outdoor classes
  • Background


    The Emerald Centre (formerly known as The Leicester Irish Sports and Cultural Association) is based in Gypsy Lane, Leicester. The site is leased (25 years) from Leicester City Council. The Emerald Centre’s primary role is to meet the needs of the local community, particularly those people who are most in need. The centre also offer excellent sport and social facilities.


    Vulnerable Elderly Senior Citizens, people with disabilities, young people, Traveller and Gypsy communities and local people.The West Humberstone Area is one of deprivation, and as demonstrated below several headline figures indicate a strong need for various aspects of community capacity building. The area has a population of 10,810 of whom a total of 6.7% were unemployed. High levels of deprivation exists in education (amongst the worst 3% nationally), income (amongst the worst 7% nationally).

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The centre is open 7 days per week and delivers a wide range of training and community development programmes. We are a registered charity and rely on funding from various bodies to deliver our charitable aims and objectives. We are based in the heart of the local community and have an excellent tract record in delivering projects to vulnerable groups and local community. Recent contracts have included Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities, Local Authority Contracts and Lottery funds.

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    Tony Cusack

    Centre Manager: Co-ordinates activities dealing with other agencies and funding bodies and supporting day to day operations.

    Kiran Kala

    Community Development Manager: Line managing team of staff and volunteers and overseeing projects and activities.

    Mary McElwaine

    Administration and Data Input: Ensuring all paperwork is up to date, including CRB clearance forms.

    John Salamacka

    Key Volunteer: Supporting team of volunteers to carry out day to day activities, including maintenance of The Emerald Community Garden.