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Strengthening movements for social justice

Fahamu Trust proposes to continue playing a leading role in the nurturing and mobilisation of African social movements for emancipation and global solidarity.

January 2014 - December 2016

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  • Need


    The people of Africa are facing serious challenges namely significant declines in living standards, escalating food prices, growing dispossession of land, wide scale exploitation of natural resources and minerals with little retention of returns on investment, and substantial tax evasions by multinational corporations. Most African governments appear to be more pre-occupied with creating an enabling environment for corporations than with responding to the needs of their own citizens.


    Through out its work, Fahamu seeks to make a significant contribution to the democratisation of political, social and economic spaces, creating change based on a people-centred, progressive agenda. This approach will enable Africans to elect leaders who respond to their needs rather than collaborating with exploiters of Africa's resources.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Stimulating a new generation of activist thinkers


    » Encourage the expression of new generations of activists and intellectuals providing a forum (Pambazuka News) to express their perspectives and vision

    What success will look like

    More young Africans demand accountability and realisation of commitments from their leaders. Young African actively participate in political and social affairs of their countries

    Aim 2

    Joining forces for change through collaborative initiatives


    » Stimulate and support reflection and strategic collaboration among African activists and organisations on critical issues affecting the continent

    What success will look like

    Social movements and activists from all over Africa join their efforts to advocate for issues that affect their societies from high food prices to gender inequalities

    Aim 3

    Bridging the language divide in Africa


    » Further development of French and Portuguese editions of Fahamu Trust's Pambazuka News in order to connect activists of all African corners.

    What success will look like

    Through the publication of Pambazuka News in French, English and Portuguese, Fahamu Trust enables movements from various linguistic divisions to build networks for common purposes

    Aim 4

    Building solidarity across the global South


    » Connect the wider PanAfrican movement as all people of the global South through sharing experiences, building solidarity and strong networks

    What success will look like

    Increased number of collaboration between citizens across the global South to resolve issues affecting them ranging from unfair trade regulations to climate change

  • Impact


    Citizens in the global South are able to organise to emancipate themselves from all forms of oppression, recognise their social responsibilities, respect each other’s differences, and realise their full potential including cementing social justice values in their societies


    The main risk is political repression and limited freedom of expression. Through Pambazuka (Kiswahili word for awakening) News, an online publication, Fahamu Trust will overcome this risk and be able to connect people around the world without out any barrier. In addition, by mobilising large numbers of people, repressive governments will not be able to suppress all their citizens: they will give in to their demands that are responding to basic needs i.e. food, shelter and water


    Financial and narrative reports after every six months and an external evaluation report after two years. In addition, all materials including pictures, videos, publications and audited financial reports will be sent to financial partners.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £245,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,000 Websites and emails Maintenance of Fahamu Trust website including newsletters and mailing lists
      £70,000 Pambazuka News staff time Contribution to salaries of Pambazuka News personnel
      £25,000 Advocacy missions Advocacy missions to various policy makers at the African Union level
      £45,000 Community debates Ten debates on how to change leadership in Africa among social movements across Africa
      £15,000 Solidarity exchanges Exchange visits among global south social movements
      £15,000 Communication Communication costs through out the project
      £25,000 Publication Three publications out of community debates
      £15,000 Travel Fahamu Trust travel costs over three years of the project
      £15,000 Administration All administrative costs including internet, office stationery and book keeping
  • Background


    Fahamu Trust has physical offices in Nairobi, Kenya; Dakar, Senegal and Oxford, United Kingdom. However, all our projects are panAfrican. They cover the whole of Africa and the global South. The project will be run by teams based at those three offices including partners, part time workers and volunteers based in countries such as Brazil, South Africa, North America, United Kingdom and in other African countries. Our project covers the whole of Africa and the global South


    Social movements across Africa such as Bunge la Mwananchi (People's parliament) in Kenya, Y'en Marre (We are Fed Up) in Senegal and many others have been organising to bring about change in their communities. The role of Fahamu Trust is to identify those movements link them to similar movements and amplify their voices through Pambazuka News. In addition, Fahamu Trust organise exchange visits among movements, organise workshops and learning for further organising and mobilisation by movements

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Since 1997, Fahamu Trust has been working with various social movements and activists across Africa to bring about change in various communities. Through its online publication, Pambazuka News, Fahamu Trust is able to connect activists across Africa and the global South. A campaign such as We are the Solution run by rural women associations for better and sustainable agri-ecological practices is an indication of Fahamu's best place in the society.

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    Zo Randriamaro

    Executive Director. She is a human rights, feminist activist and development sociologist from Madagascar.

    Ama Biney

    Editor in Chief, Pambazuka News. She is a journalist and lecturer on African history, Caribbean history, post independence Africa and PanAfricanism

    Yves Niyiragira

    Programme Manager. He is a Burundian analyst of African affairs including on governance, democracy, human rights and international relations

    Maggy Waithiru

    Finance and Operations Manager. She is a Kenyan with extensive experiences on financial management. She has worked for various United nations agencies

Fahamu staff demanding better food prices

Fahamu staff demanding better food prices


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