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Centre Stage

Centre Stage will have a long term transformative impact on 600 young people from the London Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston, who have not visited the Rose before. Partnering with year 8s and 9s from 4 secondary schools and 5 primaries we will engage future generations of theatregoers.

February 2014 - February 2015

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  • Need


    To ensure young people can overcome social or economic barriers preventing them from accessing the theatre and the arts. We want to ensure those people who have least access to the our theatre can become inspired, engaged, enthused and develop a sense of entitlement. Currently we have extremely low engagement with 65% of schools with higher than average deprivation rates and free school meals. We need to ensure the arts can redress this balance and re-engage learning from an early age.


    Our project will foster the love of language through storytelling and develop students' potential in increasing their self-confidence, awareness and communication skills. It will also encourage their sense of entitlement to accessing the arts. Each young person will visit the Rose twice a year to see 2 productions and particpate in 6 workshops led by specialist practitioners in every aspect of production. The project will culminate in the children performing a devised play on the Rose stage.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Ensure all year 8s and 9s from each school visit the Rose to see 2 productions of their choice.


    » Involve local schools in the delivery and planning of theatre visits twice a year, developing strong partnerships
    » Involve the children in the choosing of each production they visit, ensuring it is relevant to their learning outcomes

    Success will be involving 1200 children from local schools to visit the theatre twice a year to experience inspiring productions and involving 9 schools in the planning process

    Aim 2

    Each young person will be inspired with confidence, knowledge and understanding of the arts.


    » The young people will undertake 6 workshops at the theatre and school from specialist practitioners learning about all aspects of production.
    » Primary teachers will use drama based activities within the classroom to enhance the curriculum

    Teachers' feedback reporting on outcomes from increased skills, self confidence and teamwork within each year group. Children to score themselves on progress and understanding.

    Aim 3

    All children to devise and perform a play at the Rose theatre in auditorium, at end of project.


    » Year 8 and Year 9 to work and produce their own play, supported by specialist practitioners and involving children in the process of performance.

    Success is creating and mounting a successful production for up to 400 family, friends and school pupils to see the play. The visitors will rate the show.

  • Impact


    Changing perceptions of theatre and arts
    Creating a sense of entitlement and ownership to their local theatre
    Generating new generation of children interested and engaged in the arts
    Educating young people in life skills, employment, training and opportunities presented by theatre and wider arts
    Increase the likelihood of revisiting the theatre


    There is a risk that the play devised by children may need additional input to keep it on track and ensure it can be performed in auditorium. We will ensure all children are engaged and therefore will have a team of specialist practitioners working with them at all levels and a number of professional colleagues who can assist with play production, scriptwrighting to ensure extra support is given.


    Funders will receive a monthly email report on the project detailing the ongoing progress and activities and any changes to the project which will take place.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £52,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £20,700 Performance workshops Providing practitioners for 12 workshops
      £3,000 Production support Production support including costume and props
      £6,000 Technical support Lighting and sound for workshops
      £10,800 Project coordinator Coordinator to manage project
      £12,000 Tickets Tickets for 600 children to view 2 productions
  • Background


    The Rose is only five years old and just starting to make a huge difference to the local population and economy, Yet we have yet to meet the needs of reaching out to all the schools across the borough to include those less likely to access the theatre. Inspiration and interest must be encouraged from the many backgrounds and experiences of our young generations, so that we can play a role in their lives as they can in ours.


    The primary beneficiaries would be children who will have the opportunity to develop their artistic talents and to gain practical hands on experience in every aspect of production from costume to lighting. However, more importantly, we can benefit the families, schools and community for improving self confidence and belief, teamwork and interpersonal skills and the importance of their contribution in the delivery of the project.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our charity has a reputation for producing world class theatre. Whilst we have engaged 150 young children in our youth theatre, we feel we have much more to do to reach schools not using our facilities. In a recent study at Southborough Boys School, out of a cohort of 52 young people in year 9, only one student had visited the Rose. As 16 per cent of population in borough are living in poverty, we have a duty to ensure socio economic backgrounds aren't a barrier to attending the Rose.

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    Ciaran McConville

    Ciaran will be assisting in the project design and set up. His school contacts and schools contacts will be invaluable.