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Student Division Launch & Development

Through our Student Division, Lawyers Without Borders aims to expand pro bono opportunities for the younger generation. We currently have student divisions at six universities across the U.K. This project will facilitate the expansion and development of these divisions to create a strong network.

This project is ongoing

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  • Need


    The culture of pro bono in the UK continues to grow and expand. Though interest and commitment is strong, young lawyers and future lawyers continue to face a shortage of international and human rights rule of law oriented pro bono opportunities. As more pro bono opportunities become available to law students, it is important that all universities, including those outside the 'red brick' criteria, can reap the benefits.


    The continued expansion of the Student Division will provide law students with opportunities to become involved with the work of Lawyers Without Borders, rule of law, human rights and the culture of giving back. As developed by LWOB, the student division model is framed in a way that connects students with the finest lawyers around the world, enabling them to build skill sets and experience first-hand the best our profession has to offer as they too help serve those in need.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Facilitate the expansion and improved structuring of a model for law students to engage in pro bono.


    » Create a council to oversee, manage and recruit universities throughout the UK
    » Work with students from various universities in order to help them establish pro bono societies in the name of LWOB and recruit other students to join
    » Continue work with existing student divisions, providing them with support and engaging them in more pro bono

    Increase in: Divisions, members and officers, pro bono and rule of law projects, opportunities for internships and fellowships and stipends, applications for Divisions outside UK

  • Impact


    Within 24 months a self-sustainable International Student Council will be established and by members and interns. The increased involvement of students in law firm pro bono endeavors is expected to occur within 24-48 months. An increase in programs and projects initiated by the students themselves is expected to be evident within the first 24 months of the launch. A more robust pro bono environment and culture in the trainee ranks of UK law firms should be evident in next 36+ months


    Early models of the program revealed the single largest risk was due to the transient nature of the student population. In nearly every academic environment, within 3-4 years the turnover of the student body is complete. LWOB has remedied this problem by creating a mandatory infrastructure model, including a National Committee with institutional memory, which requires a constant integration of the younger and incoming students into leadership and officer roles in the organization.


    Donors can contact us to receive annual reports on the work and development of the Student Divisions. Opportunities may also be available to attend some of the events and projects run by the Student Divisions that will be supported by the funds raised.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,500 Volunteer Trainer Multiple training sessions in 2014-2015 due to wide geographical locations and extra support
      £1,500 Running Costs E.g. Marketing and events
      £2,000 Fellowships Merit and means tested
      £1,000 Projects Supporting student division pro bono law project in UK or developing nation
      £2,000 Field Projects Allow students to work on and join rule of law field projects, primarily in Africa
  • Background


    There are currently individual Student Divisions in Hertfordshire, Aberdeen, Southampton, Oxford, Cambridge and Exeter. The aim of this project is to further solidify structures in existing Student Divisions as well as initiate and support the Division network’s expansion to universities nationwide. Moreover, it is our hope that the project will continue to grow and take off on an international level.


    Poor and underserved members of society around the world will benefit from an enhanced pro bono culture.
    Law students will develop their legal, research and leadership skills and broaden their opportunities with regards to future employment. It will give them a sense that they are making a difference
    Beneficiaries of LWOB such as lawyers and judges working in developing countries, and victims of human rights abuses, will benefit.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Lawyers Without Borders is committed to the protection of the integrity of legal process, access to justice and the rule of law. We have been committed to being an inclusive group and finding a role and place for students who wanted to pursue work in the legal arena has always been an important part of our mission. Many of our projects are perfectly suited for young students, ranging from research to interaction with private law firms, prominent judges, and lawyers on the field.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Charlotte Bates, Supported By Current LWOB UK Interns

    She initiated and still oversees the current Divisions. She has a strong relationship with members and an understanding of their needs and capacities

    Law Students

    Current and prospective members consist of hard-working and intellectual students, committed to the division's expansion and the overall ethos of LWOB

    Christina Storm

    Founder and director of Lawyers Without Borders; 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer; provides guidance and actively interacts with the students