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Skillz & Chillz

To provide weekly guided youth support over 12 months for young people who are experiencing extreme difficulties in mainstream society & other settings. Our aim is to support their progression back into mainstream society by providing emotional, educational, employment, sporting or training support.

April 2014 - March 2015

Charity information: Barton Acorn Youth, Community And Sports Centre

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  • Need


    Anti-social behaviour, poor education attainment & poor accreditation levels achieved are an increasing issue within our locality. There are also a high number of young people within our locality who are at risk of offending, not in employment, excluded from school, lack direction or unsure of their own aspirations. Our centre is within the top 10% for multiple issues within the index of deprivation indices & there is a huge unemployment rate due to limited opportunities & education levels.


    We would engage & support 11-25 year olds within the national curriculum framework; literacy, language skills, Numeracy, ICT & vocational & work skills & placements. We would also support via creative & physical activities which develop personal & social skills. These help to increase their self esteem, learn key life skills such as listening, being part of a team, social interaction, respect for others & many more which further aids young people to participate as full members of their community

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support a minimum of 300 disadvantaged, disengaged, NEET & at risk young people.


    » 144 day and evening support sessions would be provided over a 48 week period.

    What success will look like

    Templates will be used to assess, aspirations, Confidence & Self-Awareness, Literacy & Numeracy, Work & Life Skills, Employment, work placements and anti-social behaviour levels.

  • Impact


    We hope the long term benefit will provide tangible outcomes into the wider community with crime and anti-social behaviour reduced, financial benefit with employment which with monies spent will help local businesses, families and local economy. There will also be a social impact benefit with increased community well-being via reduced anti-social behaviour and positive role models to inspire further generations. An audit with participants and local community would evaluate all above outcomes.


    One of the risks is that some of the young people don't engage with the support work offered. We have over 50 years of experience within our locality, understand the local problems, challenges and will undertake a variety of engagement scenarios within the centre and outreach work to ensure we enthuse and inspire. Once YP are engaged and inspired it makes it easier for us to support them and achieve tangible outcomes.


    We will be undertaking monthly support assessments with young people to evidence all tangible outcomes. This information will be collated and disseminated quarterly and at project completion. We will send the project report to all donors via email or hard copy if they require at these intervals.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £31,813

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      Amount Heading Description
      £17,149 Staff 1600 hours of staff costs
      £7,265 Facility Hires 468 hours
      £2,399 Training Accreditation, Training & Assessment fees
      £5,000 Management Marketing, Admin & Management
  • Background


    We are situated in the Hele, Barton, Watcombe area of Torbay. These areas fall within the top 10% deprived communities in the UK for issues such as unemployment, health and financial inequalities. There is a misconception that Torbay is an affluent area with high income levels and an even higher quality of life. The reality is unemployment levels are high and over 70% of people who do have a job work in the service sector on minimum wage, often being seasonal due to being a holiday resort.


    Overall levels of relative deprivation have worsened in Torbay, with an estimated 21,000 (15%) of residents living in areas considered in the top 10% most deprived in England. Watcombe has seen a 10% increase in relative deprivation between 2007 and 2010 for issues such as low income levels, poor health, low education levels, high ASB. Young people will be the main beneficiaries with access to positive activities, learning new skills, gaining employment and achieving their aspirations, etc.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a fantastic track record over 52 years in supporting young people, this is evidenced via our own staff record and volunteers as the majority of our staff were initially young people who attended our services, became volunteers, were then trained by ourselves & are now paid staff. This means that not only do they have that affiliation with local young people in regards to understanding their needs, challenges and concerns they can interact far easier as they also live in the locality.

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    Marilyn Martin - Manager/Youth Worker

    Marilyn is a qualified Youth & Play Worker with over 40 years experience. She was instrumental in the initial concept & build of the centre.

    David Martin - Youth Worker

    David grew up using the centre, has been a volunteer, is now a paid member of staff with years of youth, sports, health & social experience.

    Neil Phillips - Youth Worker

    Neil also grew up using the centre, has been a volunteer, is now a paid member of staff with years of youth, sports, health & social experience.