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Project information

'A Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls'

The initiative is aimed at getting 1000 disadvantaged girls in Developing Countries into secondary education. The project will also be working closely with school children in the UK to encourage not just fundraising for the education of these girls in the Commonwealth but also cultural exchange.

September 2010 - November 2015

Charity information: Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF)

Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF) logo
  • Need


    Viewing a girl as a liability rather than celebrating her as the asset she is, is very high in developing countries. Over 10 million girls are forced into early marriages each year! A lot of them without any form of education and no access to medical care. A great proportion of them die at child birth or have pregnancy related complications that destroy the quality of their lives forever. Many girls are faced with fates that are worse then death!


    Giving girls education allows them to contribute to their communities. Having a secondary education means that they marry later, have less children and provide equal opportunity for education to both their sons and daughters. In enabling school children in the UK to know the plight of others around the world, it allows them a greater appreciation of what they have and challenges them to find ways to contribute to the lives of others!Educating 1000 girls really means supporting 1000 communities!

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    -Provide secondary education for 1000 girls around the Commonwealth.


    » Fund the secondary education of bright disadvantaged girls in Developing Countries by providing tuition, books, uniforms and other requirements.

    What success will look like

    When 1000 girls have achieved Secondary Education through the project. The girls' progress will be monitored closely and they will receive mentoring to ensure they achieve.

    Aim 2

    -Challenge UK Schools to give through fundraising activities, letter writing and cultural exchange.


    » Encourage school children in the UK to fundraise as well as form partnerships with these girls and share their understanding; forming a global network

    What success will look like

    When contacts are created and maintained between 50 Secondary Schools in the UK and the girls being sponsored by the project. The girls' academic performance will be shared.

  • Impact


    Girls who attain secondary education would invariably want to attain tertiary education. Educated women go on to have careers and marry later. By marrying later, they have fewer, healthier children who themselves go into education. Educated women contribute 90% of their income to their families and communities thus breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that the lack of education perpetuates. Educating 1000 girls means improving 1000s of families and communities!


    The greatest risk will be the risk of dropping out due to family/peer pressures, forced marriages etc. This will be dealt with by mentoring the girls and providing a support network between them, their school and UK school children. Many of these girls are driven and determined to learn and this will be for them the opportunity of a lifetime. Their school reports will be assessed termly to ensure that they are getting the required support.


    Newsletters, annual reports and letters to donors with details of spend and progress made by the various girls will be sent to donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £50,000 sponsorship for Uganda, Rwanda Enable 1000 girls to attending secondary
      £50,000 Sponsorship for Kenya, Nigeria school at an average cost of £50-400
      £50,000 Sponsorship for PNG, Guyana per girl per year for 3-5 years.
      £50,000 Belize, Ghana, Lesotho This charity is run by volunteers and the
      £50,000 South Africa, Tanzania project's admin costs will be sponsored
      £50,000 India, Pakistan by the Commonwealth Countries League
      £50,000 Srilanka, Cameroun Education Fund.
      £100,000 Mozambique, Malawi,S/Leone .
      £50,000 Tonga, Swaziland, solomon Isla .

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    UK Schools £30,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The Commonwealth constitutes 2/3 of the world's population; half of them women. The project will be undertaken in the poorest communities within the developing Commonwealth.


    Up to 1000 rural communities within 15 or more countries of the commonwealth will benefit. School children in the UK will also learn the customs and traditions of these communities. There will be cohesive concerted effort for synergy.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund started in 1925 as an offshoot of the suffragette movement. The charity has been involved in the provision of secondary education for girls around the Commonwealth since 1967. Many of the girls sponsored have gone on to be lawyers, doctors, teachers and various professionals in their local communities. contacts have been maintained with old beneficiaries a lot of whom have gone on to sponsor the education of other girls within their communities.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jenny Groves

    Jenny is the chairman of the board of Trustees of the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund and a great speaker and supporter of girl education

    David Levin

    David is the headmaster of the City of London School for Boys and an advocate for networks between schools in the UK and young people the world over.

    Jania Geoghegan

    Jania is the Founder of the Madrinha Trust and a close associate of this charity. Jania believes in mentoring and education for girls.

A Thousand Schools for a Thousand Girls


Keeps a girl in India in school for a year!

'Education is the one gift that keeps on giving!'

Ladi Dariya