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Encompass International Journey of Understanding

A peace and reconciliation programme for young people from six countries (Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Indonesia, Pakistan, the UK and the USA.) Participants are chosen for their religious, cultural and political diversity. Mutual understanding is achieved and long term projects supported.

March 2014 - April 2014

Charity information: Encompass - The Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust

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  • Need


    Encompass was set up by the family of Daniel Braden who was killed in the Bali terrorist bombings of 2002. His family concluded that as long as the demonisation of other cultures exists, then the horrors of Bali will occur. Encompass takes this idea to another level and since 2003 we have been organising peace and reconciliation programmes for young people from differing cultures in order that they can share mutual understanding and respect.


    Each year we organise two Journeys of Understanding. 26 young people aged 18-25 , from six countries, take part and attend team building outdoor pursuits and workshops aimed at 'bridging the gap' in cultural understanding. After the programme alumni are encouraged to set up their own interfaith and intercultural understanding programmes back in their own countries. Encompass helps them to successfully do so.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Stage the March 2014 International Journey of Understanding.


    » Run a 10 day programme of outdoor team building pursuits and workshops on conflict, stereotypes and identity for 26 young people from six counties.

    What success will look like

    Success will be a full attendance of 26 on the programme and a significantly increased level of understanding between participants from diverse communities.

    Aim 2

    Mentor and encourage programme alumni to set up their own interfaith and intercultural programmes.


    » Our programme team will mentor programme alumni, equipping them with the skills and ability to set up their own programmes.

    What success will look like

    Alumni will be monitored with the aim of them taking part in at least one community or interfaith project and at least two types of positive interaction with other communities.

  • Impact


    We want to encourage a ripple effect of new inter community working. We want programme participants to come away with mutual respect for each other, if not mutual agreement. We expect alumni to use the skills gained to enthuse others about inter cultural work and use their skills to change long-term attitudes. We will long-term monitor the alumni and support them to achieve a lasting difference between communities - at least one community project and two interactions with other communities.


    The group dynamic on the programme could end up as too liberal. This may sound good in theory but we want to change negative attitudes. We tend to recruit young people that are at risk from hard-line teaching and cultural isolation in order to recruit a challenging group.


    We send our donors three newsletters a year and also regularly update them via email.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £23,883

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      Amount Heading Description
      £18,794 Particpant costs Workshop materials, accommodation, travel, food etc for young people x 26, programme staff costs
      £2,891 Recruiting agent Israel Cost of recruiting and selecting Israeli participants.
      £2,198 Facilitator costs Full time professional facilitator for ten day workshops.
  • Background


    The ten day programme will take place at the Plas Gwynant Outdoor Education Centre in Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Participants are from six countries.


    26 young people aged 18-25, from Indonesia, the Palestinian Territories, Israel, Pakistan, the UK and USA. They are from extremely diverse religions, cultures and backgrounds. The UK participants for example may be from deprived inner city areas and the US participants from more 'middle class' backgrounds. Post programme we expect alumni to go back in to theirs and other communities to benefit others of all ages.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have successfully organised international Journeys of Understanding since 2003 and have a track record of building links between diverse communities. We are well known amongst the UK interfaith sector and have important links with international youth projects in six countries. Two of our trustees set up Encompass because of the death of their son in terrorist activity and have a passion and commitment to make peace and understanding a reality.

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    Alex Braden

    Trustee. Alex's son died in the Bali bombings and he formed Encompass to tackle extremism and terror. He is a major driving force behind the projects.

    Lucy Frankenburg

    Lucy is the Programme Development Manager and has extensive experience of being involved in the International Journey of Understanding.

We've made it! Group success on top of Snowdon

We've made it! Group success on top of Snowdon


could support conflict and stereotype workshops

This programme taught me that I have to be more confident, patient and open-minded. I really want to make peace in the world, starting in my country.

Yahya Uzet Vradana, Indonesia