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Angelus Knowledge Centre: "Legal" Highs

The Angelus Foundation's strategic "Knowledge Centre" will offer information, training & briefings on the latest information on "legal" highs. The Knowledge Centre will inform Angelus' content for our & partner education & awareness projects for young people, parents, health & education experts.

1 year pilot

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  • Need


    From 7 "legal" highs in 2006 to over 75 new substances masquerading as legal highs in 2012, they can be purchased in “head shops” or on the internet, cost a fraction of the price of classified drugs, compete with club/pub alcohol prices, and vast numbers of young people take them believing there are "safe" because they are legal. The issues around "legal" highs is developing so fast that it is challenging for parents, education & health workers to gain current knowledge needed for their role.


    The Knowledge Centre will run training courses and briefings on the latest information on legal highs. World-class experts will inform the content & deliver briefings. Training would be delivered to educational & health professionals, as well as probationary & prison services, local authorities & the police for a fee. Briefings to schools, universities & parents would mostly be given free of charge. Young people will uncover the truth about "legal" highs & other stakeholders be better informed.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Become the Knowledge Centre for the most-up-to-date information on "legal" highs.


    » Engage world-class experts to ensure Angelus is regularly informed of the changing situation surrounding the issues of \"legal\" highs.
    » Establish a website as a shop-window for the training sessions and as an information resource for young people, parents & all stakeholders.
    » Promote the Knowledge Centre to School students - years 9-13 (ages 14-18) University students Education/Health experts Public Sector experts

    Success will be through attracting world class experts & the most up-to-date information & becoming the "first" point of call for enquiries from parents, young people, media etc.

    Aim 2

    Disseminate the knowledge gained to young people, parents and other stakeholders.


    » Run monthly briefing sessions for a range of stakeholders including health, education, probation, prisons, local authorities, police, youth services.
    » Use the information gleaned to inform Angelus & the youth-facing whynotfindout websites keeping people up-to-date on the changing situation.

    Success in the number of participants attending regular briefing sessions & training events. Also the number of sessions delivered in schools & the number of young people reached.

  • Impact


    This project will meet the need for up-to-date and constant information, keeping abreast of the changing market place. In the longer term key local community stakeholders (ie police, A&E) will be better informed & aware of the issues they may face. Young people and parents will understand the very real dangers of taking "legal" highs and attitudes towards taking these little-known substances will change. Success through reduction in hospital admissions, police call-out, serious harm and death.


    Stakeholders won't book on the training courses/briefing sessions - we have already been approached by public sector practitioners in various locations across the UK to deliver regular training on "legal" highs.
    Schools/universities won't allow us to deliver programmes in schools - we have piloted a schools education programme which is revealing changing attitudes amonst young people, with 86% responding that post-programme it would highly influence their decision when offered "legal" highs.


    We produce monthly e-newsletters which goes out to all our stakeholders and funders. We will also produce specific reports around the findings of our data collection, changing market place, changing attitudes and the reach of our dissemination of the information, as well as hits on our websites.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £126,570

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      Amount Heading Description
      £27,690 Staff Costs Knowledge Centre Coordinator (includes NI & Pension)
      £7,080 Expenses Travel, Subsistence, Training & Recruitment
      £24,000 Resource Develop website, portal & maintenance
      £14,000 Materials Brand, Marketing & Training Materials
      £23,000 Delivery Training & Briefing Delivery Costs
      £17,239 Monitor, Evaluate Monitoring, Evaluation, Development & Sustainability
      £13,561 Overheads Contribution to Overheads
  • Background


    The Knowledge Centre will be a virtual centre, with briefings and training delivered across the UK. We are already working closely with the Scottish, Irish & Welsh governments, who are urgently seeking the most up-to-date information so enable public sector professionals to better carry out their roles and keep local communities safe. We will strive for a mix of affluent and less affluent areas for our briefings/training.


    All young people, parents, educators, health professionals and other public sector front-line workers will benefit from the most up-to-date information and situation regarding "legal" highs. Death and harm caused by legal highs is indiscriminate and cuts across socio-economic, demographic and geographic boundaries.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Angelus Foundation is the only organisation in Europe raising raising awareness of the dangers of "legal" highs. We formulate harm reduction advice & materials developed by young people & our Advisory Board, made up of world-class experts including toxicologists, psychiatrists, drugs policy consultants & psychologists, distributing it across online, print, film & social media. Already working informally with a wide range of stakeholders, this project has the potential to generate own income.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Maryon Stewart

    Founder & CEO of Angelus Foundation, who lost her daughter to a "legal" high in 2009, is the creative and driving force behind all Angelus projects.

    Jeremy Sare

    Angelus' lead on Public Affairs. Formerly Head of Drug Legislation and Secretary to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs at the Home Office.