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Little Swimmers

Learning to swim can be challenging for children with physical and complex disabilities. School for Parents weekly swimming project aims to improve the disabled child's confidence in water, complementing the development of motor skills, helping sensory integration and leading to a swimming award.

April 2014 - March 2015

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  • Need


    The exclusion of children with complex and additional needs from most locally available swimming programmes, due to inappropriate programmes or facilities or lack of understanding or support for the parent.


    School for Parents has developed a swimming award in recognition of the need for an appropriate and consistent approach to teach disabled children to swim. The early swimming experience helps children with complex needs adapt to their environment, developing motor and sensory skills. Our swimming sessions also provide an opportunity for children and their parents to bond. For a child with severe physical challenges it’s not often possible for the parent to experience that close relationship.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide weekly swimming sessions for up to 15 children and their parents


    » Build the sessions in to the child's ongoing skills development programme
    » Involve the parent in planning and provide support to enable the parent to feel confident in working with their child in the water

    Success will be having up to 15 children attending the swimming session each week and progressing their skills to receive a level 1, 2 or 3 award during the year

  • Impact


    We believe that the early swimming experience complements motor development and helps with sensory integration. In turn, this helps children with complex needs adapt to their environment and encourages them to communicate. Regular and appropriate swimming sessions assist the continued development of important life skills as the child gets older. Success will be the formal recording of achievements in the water and the uptake of additional children to the programme over the following 12 months.


    There is a risk that due to illness a child may not be well enough to participate and this is built into their development plans. Due to the often complex nature of their impairments, we are flexible in setting/adjusting achievable targets.


    We will email a monthly report to donors of the Little Swimmers project, focusing on key achievements of individual children (and parents). Donors will be invited to observe and to also attend activities and will be kept informed of any amendments to plans.

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    Why Us?

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