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Amantani - Educational Boarding Houses

Our Boarding Houses bridge the gap between home and school for the indigenous children of Ccorca, Southern Peru. Our 3 Houses accommodate 66 of Ccorca's most disadvantaged children who previously walked up to 4 hours through the Andean mountains simply to reach school.

Following an incredible 6 years in the Boarding Houses we are eager to continue to provide this life-changing opportunity to future generations in Ccorca

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  • Need


    Access to education in rural areas of Peru is notoriously problematic, and Ccorca is no exception: children from as young as 7 have to walk for up to 8 hours each day to get to and from school. Inevitably, they arrive too tired to concentrate and many give up on their education altogether. Academic levels are drastically low: just 33% of school children reach the national standards for literacy. This leaves children with little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty so prevalent in the Andes.


    Our Boarding Houses give the most disadvantaged children in Ccorca a place to stay near to their schools. Instead of walking for an average of 737 hours every year, children can now invest this time on academic support classes, extra-curricular activities and personal development workshops. The impact so far is clear: in 2013 Marleni, one of our graduates, became the first girl in Ccorca's history to attend University. Subsequently, in 2014 Angelica also won a scholarship to University!

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Giving 60 indigenous children access to the education they need to reach their full potential.


    » We accommodate 60 children across our 3 Boarding Houses, ensuring they are able to reach primary and secondary school.
    » We provide academic support classes each afternoon to complement their school work. These classes range from mathematics and literacy to ICT studies.
    » We run regular personal development workshops tackling issues such as confidence, self-esteem, personal values and cultural identity.
    » We work extensively with the children's families and local communities. We run regular parenting workshops as well as undertake regular family visits.

    What success will look like

    Our monitoring framework seeks evidence of change. This approach defines changes we look to influence and during the year, children are assessed against various progress indicators

  • Impact


    With just one extra year of schooling, an individual’s earning capacity can be increased by 10%, and even 20% for women (UNESCO). We work to ensure the children are happy, healthy and in the best possible position to complete their education. By working to ensure they have the values, knowledge and confidence to succeed long into the future we know we are impacting both the current and future generations of Ccorca - something we demonstrate through our alumni support and evaluation programme.


    The most significant risk for the Boarding Houses is ensuring local support of our work. By working with the people of Ccorca from the very beginning, we know how passionate they are about our work. Without them, none of it would be possible. Through continuous dialogue and active involvement in all aspects of the Boarding Houses we continue to strengthen these relationships.


    Donors will receive regular updates in the form of quantitative information relating to the latest achievements and challenges faced by the programme. Photographs, films and testimonials will also be gathered from all participants and beneficiaries to give a full picture of the project's impact.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £84,968

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,969 LEARNING MATERIALS & EQUIPM All educational materials for 2 Boarding Houses
      £16,064 HEALTH & NUTRITION Includes food, hygiene products and medication.
      £4,740 INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS Maintenance & improvements of facilities.
      £49,815 TEACHING & PSYCHOLOGY STAFF All direct project staff costs and training.
      £4,380 MONITORING & EVALUATION All monitoring and evaluation, office, transport and accounting costs.
  • Background


    Ccorca is a small, rural district nestled high in the Peruvian Andes, at an altitude of 3,600m. It is the poorest district in the Cusco region, with a total population of approximately 2,500 spread across 8 small communities. Despite its indigenous roots, Ccorca now exists firmly within the confines of Western society, with Cusco just an hour away. Although Quechua is Peru’s second official language with almost 3 million native speakers, racism against these indigenous communities is widespread.


    Primary beneficiaries will be the 20 boys and 40 girls aged between 7 and 18 who are accommodated in the Boarding Houses. Through education these marginalised Quechua children will have the means by which to overcome the many challenges they face growing up in Ccorca.

    Secondary beneficiaries include their local communities and family members through our Outreach programme. From parenting workshops to family visits, we make sure our work extends beyond the four walls of the Boarding Houses.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Boarding Houses are now engrained in the social fabric of Ccorca, with the local communities and government authorities fully behind us. Thanks to over 6 years in Ccorca, we understand the complex cultural and social context. We also know the local people and organisations that are in a position to make a real difference. Our Boarding Houses have already had an incredible impact on the children and with time, we will be able to expand this reach even further.

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    Pilar Echevarria (Director, Amantani Ccorca)

    Pilar has led educational and childcare projects in Southern Peru for over 15 years

    Rocio Zuniga (Director Of Studies, Boarding Houses)

    Rocio has taught in the district of Ccorca for 20 years and is an expert in intercultural education

It is so unusual to find a project where the emphasis is on the locals making a difference for themselves

Sally Woodford, DoItForCharity