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Support HIV+ Aids orphans in developing countries

Aids Orphan UK supports extremely poor and vulnerable HIV+ Aids orphans through projects in Kenya and India. We deliver sensitive HIV status disclosure and counselling, healthcare, nutrition and access to education so HIV+ children can live long, happy, productive lives.


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  • Need


    There are c. 1.2 million Aids orphans in India and 1.5 million in Kenya; around 17% are HIV+. There is huge stigma around HIV in these countries and often children are not informed of their HIV status. Many HIV+ orphans live with impoverished grandparents who struggle to meet their basic needs. Without knowledge of their condition, and access to medication, proper food and care many will unnecessarily die young. Moreover, financial barriers to education keep these children trapped in poverty.


    We work in close partnership with highly-respected, local NGOs in Pune, India (Muktaa Charitable Trust) and in Kibera slum, Kenya (Little Rock Early Years Centre) to access and support the most vulnerable HIV/ AIDS orphans. We start with sensitive, age-appropriate HIV status disclosure, counselling and self-care training. This helps the children become mentally resilient and optimistic for their futures. We also provide medication, food, shelter and access to education.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enable the HIV/AIDS orphans we support to lead long, healthy, happy lives.


    » Deliver expert, sensitive HIV disclosure and counselling to children and train staff in local healthcare organisations and orphanages to deliver this
    » Facilitate and give medical support – determination and provision of correct Antiretroviral (ART) treatment, transport children to the ART clinic
    » Health education: teach children self-care: importance of ART adherence, hygiene, good nutrition, preventing transmission to others (at adulthood)
    » Meeting basic needs: provide food when neccessary to enable HIV+ children to become healthy and provide shelter for those with no family members

    What success will look like

    More children receiving and adhering to ART; Improved health and nutritional status, Children reporting optimism for future; Children demonstrating knowledge of HIV management

    Aim 2

    Educate children to give them best chance of moving out of poverty


    » Supply school fees, uniforms, school meals and support to enable children to attend school
    » Collect children's attendance records and progress reports and offer pastoral and extra educational support where neccessary

    What success will look like

    More children in school and progressing well, progress reports and attendance records will be collected

  • Impact


    With medication and good support people with HIV can live a near normal lifespan. However, HIV+ children in developing countries often die very young. We will extend the lives of these children and will equip them with self-care knowledge, mental resilience and a decent education so they can make better lives for themselves. They will learn how to prevent transmitting HIV to others at adulthood. Improved confidence will help them challenge stigma and discrimination from others.


    If we are not able to raise sufficient funds we may not be able to continue full support to all the children currently registered. We are working hard to increase our support in the UK from Charitable Trusts, Companies and major donors. Additionally our overseas partner NGOs are involved in developing income generating activities and local fundraising.


    We receive monthly reports from the field which tie in to our monitoring and evaluation process. Our Chair visits projects annually. Donors receive regular detailed reports outlining the on-going activities and outcomes. We can share case studies of individual children.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £61,960

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      Amount Heading Description
      £41,417 Educational support uniforms, fees, books, school lunches for 428 children
      £5,683 Disclosure, counselling delivering one-to-one support, training NGO staff and mentor mother programme
      £5,930 Staff salaries sCosts oProject coordinator, social worker and counsellor plus their operating costs
      £8,930 Office costs monitoring, evaluation of projects, UK overheads

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Philip King Trust £30,000 Guaranteed
    Make a Difference Trust £8,185 Guaranteed
    De La Rue Charitable Trust £3,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Kibera in Nairobi is the largest urban slum in Africa, population c. 1 million. It is incredibly poor; unemployment is 80% and only 20% of inhabitants have access to running water, electricity and sewerage. Pune, the capital city of Maharashtra State, India (population 5 million)is known for its information technology industry and universities but behind its wealthy exterior lie huge discrepancies in wealth between its inhabitants and we work in its hidden slum areas.


    In Kibera slum, 400 HIV+ Aids orphans (age 3-21) will benefit and in India we will directly support 50 HIV+ orphans and their guardians. We will also train NGO workers at orphanages and health centres in India to deliver support which should benefit hundreds more children over the years.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Trustee, Dr Sanjay Bhagani, is a renowned expert in HIV. He lectures internationally and vets our partner projects. Our local partners are well-run and well-established. Two of our volunteers are UK-based child psychologists, specialising in HIV. Our Chair has 20 years senior voluntary sector experience; HIV+ himself for 32 years he is extremely passionate about helping HIV+ children in the developing world to fulfil their potential.

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    Lilly Oyare, Partner, Kibera, Kenya

    Founder and Headmistress of Little Rock pre-school in Kibera; she and her staff give much pastoral support to HIV+ pupils. Coordinates work in Kenya.

    Dr. Rupa Agarwal, Partner, Pune, India

    Coordinates disclosure work. She is a GP with specialism in HIV, delivered HIV training to 700 doctors, co-founder of helpline for people with HIV/AID


primary school and lunches for 1 year in Kenya