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Project information

Community Based Education Project - Afghanistan

To provide a full primary education in three years for 300 out-of-school girls and boys at our 5 Community Based Education Centres in Kabul’s most deprived communities. To provide mothers and local women with the literacy and vocational skills to support themselves and their children's education.

March 2012 - February 2015

Charity information: Children in Crisis

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  • Need


    Years of conflict and poverty have significantly affected access to education in Kabul. Limited capacity in the education system has led to age-restrictions on enrolment at primary school, preventing older children, or those returning to the city after the conflict, from (re)starting their education. Additionally, many young women and mothers have missed out on an education completely and lack the skills, confidence, and opportunities to support their children and themselves.


    Through this Big Give appeal, we are seeking the funds to support one of our five centres over a 12 month period. Through the accelerated learning programme run at the centres, the children will complete complete two years of primary school each year, thereby catching up on lost time and continuing onto secondary school where there are no age-restrictions on entry. Mothers and local women will attend literacy, vocational and financial classes, and sessions on health education and child rights.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enable children from the poorest areas of Kabul to begin and continue their education.


    » An accelerated learning programme following the Afghan national curriculum is run for children who have been unable to enrol in a state school.
    » Homework support classes assist those children who are currently attending a state school but in danger of dropping out.

    What success will look like

    Success for each of the five centres is 60 children completing a full primary education through the accelerated learning course, and 200 attendances at the homework support classes

    Aim 2

    Improve the education, skills, confidence and earning potential of young women and local mothers.


    » Adult literacy classes that follow the Afghan Ministry of Education approved course.
    » Vocational training classes. The content of the classes is determined in consultation with the communities.
    » Personal and family money-management training provided through communal saving groups.

    What success will look like

    Success for each of the five centres is 30 women completing the literacy course, 24 women completing the vocational course and 24 women receiving financial training.

  • Impact


    Children who would otherwise have missed out on an education and likely pursued menial street jobs will have the opportunity to continue their education at secondary level. Mothers and local women will be in a stronger position to support their children’s education, provide for their families and pursue their own ambitions. Success will be demonstrated through greater community cohesion and a greater respect and commitment to the rights of women and children to an education.


    Security is an on-going concern in Afghanistan but one that we are experienced at accounting for. We are kept informed of potential threats or incidents through the Afghan NGO Safety Office (ANSO). Conservative elements of communities may threaten the willingness of other members to engage with a Western NGO. We have countered this in the past through regular engagement with parents and community leaders, and through demonstrating the safety and sensitivity of the centres.


    Tailored reports will be provided for donors to an agreed level of detail. We currently produce in-depth project updates every six months. Updates are also provided through our website and bi-annual newsletter.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £53,773

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      Amount Heading Description
      £25,203 Classes for children Accelerated Learning and Homework Support classes run throughout the year
      £12,814 Classes for mothers and women Literacy, Vocational and Financial classes run throughout the year
      £8,398 Project Delivery Costs The salaries of our Afghan staff and the Programme Manager
      £3,697 Monitoring and Evaluation Ensuring that the project is being delivered efficiently, sensitively and to budget
      £3,661 Support Costs Financial, logisitical and administrative costs
  • Background


    The centre will serve one of the most marginalised communities in Kabul. As the population of the city continues to increase and residential areas have expanded onto the sides of the surrounding mountains, housing conditions for the families are extremely poor and the utilities infrastructure is basic at best. The community is predominately composed of displaced peoples who have either recently returned to Kabul or those who have migrated to Kabul from across Afghanistan in search of work.


    The project will directly benefit the 280 women and children that will attend the centre over the year. Indirectly, the project will benefit thousands more through increasing the skill-set, knowledge base and earning potential of young women and mothers, and supporting children to remain in and pursue their education.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Children in Crisis has been working in Afghanistan for over 15 years. We began by running schools for girls during the Taliban regime. Since then, our focus has been on providing education for women and children that would otherwise be left behind. We have an extensive knowledge of local needs and have formed strong working relations with community leaders, and local and provincial officials.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Bethan Williams - Programme Manager

    Bethan has 8 years’ experience in running education programmes in conflict-affected countries, and 5 years’ experience in Afghanistan.

    Timor Shah Adib - Afghanistan Country Director

    Timor has been working with CIC in Afghanistan for the past 15 years. He has expertise in developing relations with local communities.

A video tour of a community based education centre


would pay the running costs of a Centre for a week