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Annual Fund 2015/16

To support talented young people in the Yorkshire Dales we are seeking to develop new facilities. Our pupils come from a wide range of backgrounds (>40% receive some form of fee remission). They go on to work in fields such as medical research that help solve some of the worlds big problems.

We expect to complete the project by Summer 2016

Charity information: Giggleswick School Foundation

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  • Need


    A lack of resources in the state sector mean that a range of subjects are not found in the curriculum of most schools. Science, Languages, Music and other performing arts all suffer because of an increasingly narrow focus. In the long run this will mean that we will have fewer people with the basic background knowledge to work in science & medicine, IT, and the performing arts, all critical for our future.


    Giggleswick offers pupils from a wide range of background the opportunity to participate in a huge number of activities and helps them to become skilled interesting young people who can begin to solve our world’s problems. The annual fund supports projects that educate and inspire young people to rise to these challenges.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase Bursary Funds to support more new pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds


    » Bursaries are our highest priority. Each one of the 170 or so pupils who receives some form of fee remission enriches the School community.
    » Attending the school is not enough. Pupils on bursaries need to participate in extra curricular activities which further develop mind, body and soul.
    » Over 40% of pupils receive some form of fee remission. We are keen to grow the numbers of pupils who receive larger bursaries and scholarships.

    By being able to offer more and or larger bursaries to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Aim 2

    Provide new instruments that would be unreasonable for pupils to buy.


    » Giggleswick offers pupils from a wide range of background the opportunity to participate in music from an early age.
    » However we need to constantly invest in new instruments to help the 214 pupils who currently have music lessons.

    Hearing young people playing these new instruments at the annual spring concert.

    Aim 3

    Inspire the next generation of young scientists and astronomers


    » Refurbishment of astronomical observatory (now 50 years old) with a new roof and modern equipment
    » Work with local state primary schools to use the observatory
    » To host public observation events throughout the year.
    » Challenging our pupils to solve real world engineering problems Supporting the School Motorsport Team by helping them finance the building of a car.

    Having a working facility and a growing group of pupils engaged with astronomy

    Aim 4

    Making the treasures of the School's extensive archive freely available online.


    » Digitising the School's \"Brayshaw\" collection of local history including its World War One archive.

    The installation of screens in key areas of the school including boarding houses and public areas.

  • Impact


    These projects will inspire more young people to participate at Giggleswick. The number and size of bursaries given can be measured, as can the number of pupils learning instruments and other facilities.

    As a school, our long term success can only be demonstrated through our pupils, and their success in excelling in their career and in leading their communities. As a school in the Yorkshire Dales we cannot change the world, but our pupils can and do every day, all over the world.


    There is a risk that we do not raise sufficient funds to offer enough bursaries. We are working with a large number of supporters, parents, alumni and friends of the school to ensure our bursary programme is not dependent on any one source of funding.

    There is also a risk that we will not be able to complete the work on budget or on time. Suppliers of equipment will be vetted thoroughly to ensure they can fulfill our requirements and provide long term after care for our projects.


    We report our progress to supporters through regular electronic communication, twice yearly printed newsletters and in our annual report. In recent years funds raised have enabled us to offer four new bursaries at the School as well as the purchase of capital equipment beyond our normal budget.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £78,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £32,000 Bursaries Two full bursaries and 10,000 to all bursary students to take part in extracurricular opportunities
      £25,000 New Observatory To replace the derelict but historic observatory
      £8,500 Music and Digitisation Musical Instruments & Supporting further digitisation of our WW1 Collection for public use
      £8,900 Motor Sport & Digital Displays To support the building of a roadworthy car by students
      £4,000 Aspire Additional bursary funding for gifted and talented pupils to take part in our Aspire Programme

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Alumni Funding £22,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Giggleswick School has pupils from around the world, although the vast majority of our pupils come from the Yorkshire Dales. Giggleswick is small village on the edge of the National Park close to the small market town of Settle.


    The majority of beneficiaries will be young people from the local area, many of whom will not be wealthy. 40% of our pupils receive some form of fee remission, with several pupils studying here without paying fees.

    Giggleswick has a long history, some 502 years, and during this time many of its pupils have studied here and gone on to do things that have changed the world. Science, medicine, education and the arts are all areas that have been enriched by recent leavers.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Independent School Inspectorate & Ofsted reports have labelled us as an Outstanding Provider of education. Many of our current facilities are shared with the local community. Eg. we already host an area wide soccer tournament with over 2000 children & the Giggleswick Choral Society regularly involve over 100 singers from the community in its concerts. Last year this community choir performed with the Halle Orchestra at School. We are confident, based on past performance, of reaching our targets.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Giles R Bowring DL - Bursar

    For many years Giles’ stewardship has enabled us to continue to invest in our facilities while ensuring access to Giggleswick remains wider than ever.

    Heather Hancock - Chair Of Governors & Parent

    Heather is a Managing Partner at Deloitte. A former private secretary to 3 Home Secretaries & accounting officer for The Millennium Commission.


will buy a new instrument for a young musician