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2020 Vision Exhibition

2020 Vision is a stunning outdoor photography exhibition. 100 panels showcasing the awesomeness of nature. It's world-class.

We're planing to bring it to the Bay in summer 2014, but for this to definitely take place we need to overcome a funding gap. You can help make this happen.

May 2014 - August 2014

Charity information: Morecambe Bay Partnership

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  • Need


    Morecambe Bay - there’s simply no-where else quite like it. And we love it. However, tourists are not flocking here.
    We know that tourism around the Bay could really do with a boost. We’re delivering new projects to kick-start growth in tourism and so bring more jobs for our area. We want the Bay to be more prosperous, greener and happier.
    We love the Bay and see its heritage, gorgeous views, and precious nature as really important to attract new visitors. And that means new jobs.


    It will bring a world-class exhibition which highlights one of the Bay's biggest assets - wildlife and natural landscape.
    It will challenge perceptions of the area.
    It will attract new visitors.
    It will raise the aspirations of local people and partners to aim for higher quality tourism offerings.
    It will support the messages and spark discussion around Morecambe Bay as a destination of special natural interest.
    It will help people to understand the awesomeness of nature.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To attract new visitors to Morecambe Bay


    » This is a really prestigious exhibition. It's been in our capital cities. This is the only NW staging and our chance to put the Bay on the map.

    What success will look like

    We will conduct sample surveys with the audience to determine how many new visitors the exhibition has attracted

    Aim 2

    To increase visitor spend in the area


    » We will attract higher-value cultural tourists to the area for the exhibition and related packages.

    What success will look like

    The survey will enable us to assess average spend of audiences

    Aim 3

    Highlight Morecambe Bay as a place where everyone can experience & enjoy the awesomeness of nature.


    » 2020 Vision and a package of media support around the project will highlight the special natural qualities and tourism offer of the Bay.

    What success will look like

    Press and media coverage, along with audiences responses will be used to demonstrate the success of the project in highlighting the Bay's natural qualities

  • Impact


    2020 Vision is part of a wider package of activities '700 Days to transform the Bay', a bold programme to kick-start growth in the visitor economy. It aims to bring more visitors who stay longer, travel sustainably, spend more and repeat their visits. It also seeks to build capacity in the private sector to create a more compelling destination. Baseline statistics are already in place and thorough reviews will be undertaken to demonstrate the impact of the whole scheme and projects within it.


    As the project has successfully been delivered elsewhere, risks are minimal.

    We are working with the landowners, District and Town Councils to finalise the event management plans.

    In addition, risks are minimised by:
    - Planning which is well underway more than a year in advance
    - Specialist event management personnel working on the planning
    - The partnership includes key strategic people who will enable delivery in their relevant organisation


    We will produce a report about the event including the results of the surveys, as well as a newsletter for all donors.

    We will keep our website updated with latest information.

    Major donors will be invited to the launch event to see what they have helped to achieve.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £43,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £27,000 Street gallery Outdoor exhibition in 3 locations Morecambe, Barrow, Grange mid May to Aug 2014.
      £16,500 Theatreshow, publicity, launch Schools events, competitions, 1 workshop, 1 outdoor screening, 3 theatre shows, publicity.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    700 Days (Coastal Communities Fund) £20,000 Guaranteed
    Shortfall to be met from local sponsors £19,500 Conditional
    Big Give Christmas Challenge £4,000 Conditional
  • Background


    Morecambe Bay is a coastal region in the NW of England. It is an area of high deprivation with 29% of the populations living in the top 10% most health deprived areas nationally.

    The Bay was identified in the Regional Economic Strategy (2006) as an area with the potential for a co-ordinated programme of regeneration activity to assist renaissance. It recognised that the area had a linked natural landscape and cultural heritage and so lent itself to the co-ordinated promotion of tourism.


    We're planning to stage this exhibition in Morecambe, Barrow and Grange.
    - Visitors as they will be offered a fantastic high-quality experience
    - Local people (as above)
    - Local businesses - who will benefit from the increase in visitors and visitor spend this project (and the wider programme which it is part of) will attract

    The project will help support the re-branding of Morecambe Bay and will be a prominent marker of the step-change taking place.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The project is part of a wider package of other projects happening all around Morecambe Bay, being co-ordinated by Morecambe Bay Partnership. The Partnership has an impressive track record of collaborative work and includes local business groups, community groups, tourist boards, conservation and arts organisations and local authorities all of whom as signed up to deliver a series of high quality projects with a lasting legacy.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Peter Cairns

    Managing the delivery of the project for 2020 Vision. He has already successfully delivered the project in previous locations.

    Susannah Bleakley

    Executive Director, Morecambe Bay Partnership. Making sure things are joined up to get the best results and most benefits to the communities.

    Janet Barton

    Highly experienced project manager and artistic director locally responsible for deliviering this event.


The price of a sandwich brings 1 panel for 1 day.

These are powerful images. They'll touch us emotionally, make us smile and make us wonder. Morecambe Bay is just the perfect stage.

Susannah Bleakley, Morecambe Bay Partnership