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Project information

HIV Peer Support

Support for people living with HIV, from people living with HIV.

We strongly believe that people living with HIV are best placed to devise and deliver the highest quality of services to complement the clinical care of others also living with HIV and promote the best quality of life.


Charity information: Positively UK

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  • Need


    There are over 96,000 people living with HIV in the UK.

    Upon receiving a diagnosis or after living with HIV for years, many people require support to help them achieve the best outcome for their overall well-being including help with managing treatment, talking about their HIV to others, and discussing relationships. Isolation is a major issue, with fear of the stigma and discrimination towards HIV often leading to people being unable to talk to family or friends about their HIV.


    Our ethos is that the best complement to clinical care is the support of someone who has a thorough understanding of what an individual is going through. In line with this, all our front-line staff and volunteers are themselves living with HIV. They use their first-hand experience to support others diagnosed with HIV through familiarity with issues they may face and provide a confidential ear to talk to.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support people living with HIV to achieve the best physical, social, and emotional well-being.


    » One-to-one sessions at our premises, helping people to manage all aspects of their HIV.
    » One-to-one support at clinics across London, often providing the first opportunity people have to meet another person living with HIV.
    » Update training for staff and volunteers in order to ensure they can provide the most up-to-date information to the people accessing our services.

    What success will look like

    The number of individuals demonstrating improved well-being through self and staff assessment, measured by outcome-charts and questions/discussion topics of sessions.

  • Impact


    Long term changes will include independence and sustained good health through self-management of their HIV and greater inclusion in society.

    These will be demonstrated through the take up of opportunities, attendance of support groups, social interaction with individuals outside of support groups, and adherence to medication where necessary.

    Success will also be shown by the numbers of individuals who having accessed our services subsequently become volunteer peer mentors.


    This project requires close links with HIV centres across London, promotion by clinicians and referrals. Healthcare staff are also involved in the development and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the project as well as delivering training to peer mentors. Maintaining involvement at this level and demonstrating benefit is key to this project.


    Reporting will be undertaken on a number of levels and tailored to meet the needs of individual donors. General updates are available through our social media feeds, newsletter, and website.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £64,026

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,150 Helpline Provision of helpline from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday
      £30,000 One-to-one Support Delivery of 300 one-to-one sessions
      £10,506 Support Groups Running of 4 support groups per month
      £11,370 Staff and Volunteer Costs associated with new and update training, travel, and support
  • Background


    London - The capital. Hub of culture and commerce. Home of Big Ben, Parliament and Buckingham Palace. A fact you might not know, however, is that 42% of all people living with HIV in the UK live in London. That's over 30,000 individuals.

    Our Helpline and workshop roadshows offer support to the 58% of people living with HIV outside of London.


    People living with HIV in London and across the rest of the UK, people affected by HIV and society in general.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We've been delivering peer support for over 25 years and have a track record of helping people move from isolation to inclusion and achieve a better quality of life.

    Our programme of services has always placed the needs and voices of people living with HIV at the forefront of what we do and many of our staff and volunteers accessed our services before taking up opportunities to help others, demonstrating the belief they have in the effectiveness of peer support.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.



    Angelina has been diagnosed and working in the sector for over twenty years and is a powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and passion.

One-to-one support

One-to-one support

Just knowing another person, someone I would see out clubbing or in Tesco, was living with the same virus I was... I finally felt like I wasn’t alone.