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Sheikh Asaad medical center Beshlaw village.

Access for the village community to a medical center.Beshlaw has no medical facilites.The center will enable over 500 families to have medical help.Doctors have already offered their servics free of charge to the village.It will enable young children,the elderly and the sick free treatment.

April 2013 - December 2013

Charity information: Help In Egypt

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  • Need


    The center will give access to medical treatment for all of Beshlaw and beyond.Many accidents occur during the harvesting of sugar cane.Children of all ages work in th fields helpy their parents to earn enough money to feed them all,machetes are used by the very young, cuts are abound.Foot indections are aslo prevelent as these children and adults do not wear shoes,animal droppings also are a major concern as they bring flies which in turn give the local community infections.Advice on healthcare


    The center will have doctors in attendance,people will be given access to treatment and free medication when possible.Most of the villages are poor and do not read or write.There will be opportunity to train people from the village to operate a first aid post aswell as the center and if the need arises home visits can also be arranged for the elderly and those who are too sick to attend the clinic.Beshlaw has never had the opportunity to have this medical triaing before,they are keen to help.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To erect the building,and have the staff to run it train volunteers in first aid.


    » To get the community involved,Doctors have offered their services for free.train the young men and women in the village to do outreach programmes.

    Success will the village the medical help they so deperately need,the center will be used y over 500 families.having volunteer doctors and trained frist aiders to help...

    Aim 2

    The center will need volunteers to help with the daily running and cleanliness.villgers are keen.


    » Hands on help from Help in Egypt to give advice and help in any of the daily workings of this project.talking the community asking for their support.

    Success will be.getting the volunteers to how commitment,compassion and kindenss to the elderly and the sick.Giving the children advice about dangerous activites and showing love..

  • Impact


    The center will be the first of its kind for many miles,people will have access to medical treatment and medication.We have seen the need for this small clinic and have talked to the people about healthcare matters.Most of these people are poor,no transport to hosptal,no money for medication.We have asked for their input in to what they want and their answers were always the same,a medical center.


    The biggest risk is lack of funding to build,lack of funds to keep it running.But with hard work and determination we will bring about this building project.The village of Beshlaw is keen to help itself,we already have volunters willing to learn first aid,Doctors have given us their support with the offer of manning the clinic on a rota basis.Nurses from the UK offering their services.So with all this support it will succeed.


    Help in Egypt has always prided itself on its communication skills,we know how important it is to keep the donors informed,we will do this by e mails,letters,posting information on our website and other social sites.Communication is crucial if you want support and funding.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 building materials Bricks,cement,sand,paint.
      £3,000 furnishings Beds,linen,lighting.
      £2,000 medical equipment incubator,medical equipmet
      £2,000 medications. drugs in stock
  • Background


    The center will be in the village of Beshlaw on the west bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt.40 Kilometers from Luxor.Beshlaw is a remote sugar can growing area.Most of the adults earn their living by growing and harvesting sugar cane.The nearest hosptal is more than 30 kilomteres away.


    the population of Beshlaw is over 2,000 people,but we have small satelite villages for about 15 kilometers.Most of the people have to travel to luxor by bus ,ferry and another bus,which can take over an hour.or they can go to Naqada but that is by appointment only.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Help in Egypt is involved with the village cahrity Al Bader,working together for over two years we have got to know the people very well,we have built up a strong relationship with the founder of Al Bader Mr Mohamed Ali,alon with the committee we have achieved much in he village,starting with a small schoo and prayer rooms for the women above the Mosque,provided funds for medications,help with eye operations and have attended many talks by local doctors on childcare and social welfare.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mr Mohamed Ali Fouder Of Al Bader.

    Al Bader is he charity from within the vilage of Beshlaw,they run the school and hold doctors surgeries to help the local people .

    Philip Bratherton

    Philip is the founder of Help in Egypt,having relocated to Luxor he is keen to have an active role in the clinic,trained in first aid

    Brenda Bratherton

    Brenda is our book keeper and office organiser,she is computer literate and has experience working with the elderly and young children,a mother of 4.

    Ruth Bratherton

    Ruth is our all rounder,driver,painter,fundraiser,and trained first aider,she has been a prison officer and attended court with solicitors.