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School Places Project

Our School Places Project aims to improve the life chances of vulnerable children living in poverty in the UK. These children, usually on the brink of care due to their family situation, will be supported by Buttle UK through boarding education - which provides excellent pastoral care.

4 years

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  • Need


    The beneficiaries of our school fees programme are facing emotional, social or health difficulties, and their current situation at home or in their current educational environment is worsening. They are children who might otherwise end up in care.
    Only 5% of looked after children achieved 5+ A* - C GCSEs in 2011, those leaving care are more than twice as likely as other children to be cautioned or convicted for an offence and are over-represented among teenage parents, drug users and prisoners


    With nearly 60 years experience in providing boarding places for vulnerable children, we know the approach creates very positive and educational outcomes.
    76% of those children that we supported in Year 11 in 2011 got 5+ A* - C, and typically over 75% go on to further education and A levels. We believe that giving these children a boarding education works because it provides encouragement, routine and structure that is missing at home. At the same time it helps bring the family unit together.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide boarding education for one child for the length of their secondary education (5 years).


    » Work with our partner organisations and selected schools to negotiate funding for a place for a child experiencing a troubling home life.
    » Meet with the potential beneficiary and their referrer to discuss the opportunity available for them, and assess their suitability to the project.
    » Secure external funding for remaining funds for the full 5 years of boarding education - after partnership and school support is deducted.

    What success will look like

    Success will be securing funding for a part funded place at a local boarding school, with the student completing their education and making an informed decision about their future.

  • Impact


    By beginning projects such as the school places project in conjunction with our school fees project, we hope to ensure we are targeting those children most at risk of entering state care, and most likely to benefit from all that an independent education has to offer while their family, health, or emotional difficulties hindering their current situation stabilise. We want to ensure that children in the most disadvantaged circumstances are given a fighting chance at continuing their education.


    There is a risk that the beneficiary of the programme experiences additional difficulties in their new boarding environment. By working with the school and the child's support worker, enough knowledge combined with expert professional expertise and experience should ensure the recipient of the grant is given the best possible chance to thrive in their new environment.


    Results of the school fees programme are measured by a number of means, including the completion of the course of study at the school, the ability to go onto further education at the end of the course and the well-being of the student. This is all compiled and reported annually.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £24,750

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      Amount Heading Description
      £24,750 School Fees our cost for funding one place for full five years at a boarding school
  • Background


    Applicants are from all over the UK, though outreach is taking place for those students from schools who have been recommended as benefitting most from the programme.


    The child receiving the boarding education will be the primary beneficiary, although depending on their circumstances it is likely to have a significant positive benefit on their immediate family, or their foster or kinship carer if this applies to their situation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Buttle UK had been funding children from disrupted backgrounds to go to boarding school for nearly 60 years. Through our grant-giving programmes we hear about children and young people that most people are unaware of.

    We have a dedicated, highly experienced casework manager and a strong reputation within the sector. We also have excellent relationships with partner organisations and schools, meaning that funding a place is cheaper through additional support.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Karen Melton

    Karen is the casework manager for the school fees programme. She is responsible for ensuring the beneficiary will benefit most from the boarding place

A child that has had the fortune to gain unique educational opportunities through Buttle is a child who has gained more than words can say or write.

School Fees Beneficiary Mother