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Summer Safe Zone

Providing young people in Lambeth with a safe place to play, learn and grow during the summer holidays. Daily activities focus on building young peoples confidence, self esteem and giving the opportunity to engage in a range of new activities within the locality, across London and beyond.

July 2015 - September 2015

Charity information: High Trees Community Development Trust

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  • Need


    Reduce Social and Financial exclusion: to provide children and families with opportunities to engage in and access services they wouldn't normally be able to afford or have the confidence to engage in
    Prevent Gang association: to reduce the risk of young people engaging in gang related activity by providing positive pathways out
    Increase Community Cohesion: to promote a sense of community between young people, parents and wider community, promoting active citizenship and participation.


    Tulse Hill ward, Lambeth is in the top 10% most socially and economically deprived wards in the UK. High Trees works directly with children, young people and families most affected by this statistic.
    Providing a range of free summer activities throughout the school holidays will give young people the opportunity to engage in a range of positive activity that seeks grow their interests and confidence and divert away from the risk of engaging in anti social behaviour.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase the confidence and resilience of children and young people


    » 2 x summer holiday programmes running weekdays from 9am-4pm for 6 weeks which will include healthy eating, sports and art and design
    » 6 x workshops delivered focussed on increasing young peoples confidence and exposing them to new experiences

    What success will look like

    -An increase in social//personal confidence
    -A decrease in risk of engaging in gang activity

    Aim 2

    Overcome social and financial exclusion.


    » 3 x family/childrens excursions during the summer to visit places that they would not normally be able to afford/have the confidence to go to.
    » 4x Families referred onto additional support services
    » 200 x young people benefitting from a free holiday service

    What success will look like

    -A decrease in parents feeling financial pressure during the school holidays
    -An increase in confidence in accessing wider support services
    -Improved family cohesion

  • Impact


    -Children: are better equipped to make positive life choices;improved relationships at home; improved well-being; increased confidence in accessing new services
    -Parents: improved home life
    -Wider community; decrease in young people engaging in anti social behaviour; increase in services within the community.

    Measurements for changes will be tracked at project end.


    -Parents/ young people not engaging: we will ensure effective outreach and relationship building with the target group, set up effective partnerships and referral systems. We understand the importance of building trust with individuals and this will be done by being consistent is service delivery.

    -Demand is bigger than supply: we will signpost people to other services available, operate a waiting list and apply for additional funding


    At the end of the project we will produce an evaluation and impact assessment to be shared which will include case studies and photos of beneficiaries.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £12,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,800 Full Cost recovery 15% project costs Inc: Management insurance, photocopying, administration, publicity, telephone etc
      £1,725 Youth Project Officer PT Salary+ons costs- 1.5 months; Oversee delivery of the summer schemes
      £6,200 Summer Schemes and Excusions Staffing, Activities and Equipment costs for 2 summer schemes
      £2,275 Family Excursions 6 family excursions inc transport
  • Background


    Tulse Hill is in the top five wards for worklessness households, JSA claimants, incapacity benefit and income support in Lambeth. It has seven social housing estates and violence between young people is a problem there is also a high rate of exclusions from school. The Summer Safe Zone Project will be based in Tulse Hill and delivered across Lambeth.


    At least 80 parents and 200 children and young people will benefit from the Summer Safe Zone project. Local community will benefit from a reduction of anti social behaviour and violence. Families will benefit from raised aspirations, improved health and well being and achievements at school.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    High Trees is a Community Anchor delivering services in Tulse Hill and Lambeth since 1998, High Trees has been commissioned since 2006 by Lambeth Council to deliver children and family support & young people's services for families with children aged 5-19. The service integrates with a range of other programmes delivered with local and international partner organisations. We believe that families are at the heart of our community.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Grace English

    Programmes and Development Manager- responsible for the overall management and development of our Children, Young People and Family Services

    Kyle Gooding

    Youth Programme Coordinator- will lead on the delivery of the Summer Safe Zone Project

“My son was not settled at school but since going to the High Trees Homework Club he has been very settled and is now settled in class . “

Sheryl Smith (Mum)