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Young Change counselling Service

We would like to expand our young persons counselling service into Birmingham communities via satelite centres to target hard to reach young people who may find it difficult to travel to our city centre offices and to make the service more accessible.


Charity information: Change Birmingham Brief Therapy

Change Birmingham Brief Therapy
  • Need


    Young people in Birmingham not only struggle with overcoming a postcode focused gang culture, but also have a profound reluctance to travel far in our large city. Many young people are never referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and when they are, are frequently not deemed to be of or at sufficient risk to be able to access the service. Additionally, many others give up after being on the waiting list for six months or more.


    Change, by providing a mental health service that does not involve referrals, feels that we would be empowering young people who are already struggling with life to begin to make some self-determining supportive decisions for themselves. We hold that our USP, when compared with other youth counselling services, is that we will concentrate on offering the service in the community to those who are vulnerable and in need of support.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide affordable counselling for young people aged 11-18 within their own communities.


    » To develop a pilot service starting with two or three sattelite centres and hopefully expand to cover the Birmingham area.

    What success will look like

    Success will be offering counselling within the majority of Birmingham Communities to young people using a solution focused approach.

  • Impact


    The project will target vulnerable and hard to reach young people in their own communities and we envisage that this will lead to less unemployment, crime and mental health difficulties in the clients future lives and increase academic success. In return, this will create more robust, safer communities for all. We will demonstrate our success through increasing numbers of clients using the service and monitoring and evaluating client feedback.


    The risks are that we will not be able to provide enough counsellors for demand. However, we are raising funds to train four counsellors in youth counselling per year.


    We will provide a quarterly report on how the project is developing and any unforeseen changes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £59,164

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,820 Resources & promotion Stationary, furniture, IT, promotional material such as leaflets and advertising costs
      £40,944 Personnel Part time project manager, admin worker,supervisors and counsellor payments
      £10,400 Premises 4 sattelite centres per year at 10 sessions a week.
      £4,000 Training training four counsellors per year in youth counselling.
  • Background


    the project will be based at our city centre offices but our counsellors will see clients at sattelite centres which may be community halls and centres, youth clubs, and sometimes schools.


    Vulnerable young people living in the Birmingham area suffering with emotional and psychological issues, their families, schools, and the wider communities in which they live.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Change have a team of dedicated staff who are all highly qualified to see young people. We are receiving more referrals from young people and other agencies such as child pyschologists and third sector agencies. We offer Solution focused brief counselling which has been found to work well with young people. Other youth counselling services do not tend to work in this way.

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    Clive Whittaker

    He is the Co-developer and supervisor of this project. He will be one of the senior counsellors for the project.

    Lynne Whitlock

    She is Co-developer and fundraiser for this project. She will be one of the senior counsellors for the project.

    Sue Griffin

    She is the practice manager and administrator for the project. She will oversee the running, administration, and promotion of the project.