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Educational Literature for Cat Owners

Each day cat owners realise they lack basic knowledge regarding their cat, its health and welfare after a call to our advice line. We intend to produce a range of short, factual guides for the public on core subjects such as nutrition, vaccination, neutering, grooming, mental health and other topics

October 2012 - December 2016

Charity information: Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

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  • Need


    Many cats come into rescue as a result of omissions from their basic care or through a lack of understanding cats and their role in the home and how to help them adjust to new surroundings. Equally we are a generation of internet addicts who rely on the web for information, often damaging advice, to resolve our problems therefore increasing the burden on cat rescues like Sunny Harbour when things go wrong.

    We want to help owners manage the problems before a need for rescue arises.


    By providing easy access to well written, knowledgeable and factual advice we can provide the public with the tools and information necessary to nurture happy, well balanced cats and help them to address their cats changing needs before they become an issue that is unmanageable.

    In doing so, we expect to reduce the need for cats to come into rescue by empowering cat owners to provide for all their cats mental and physical needs.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    establish educational fact sheets and guides on various feline health and behaviour subjects.


    » Develop, produce and distribute accurate factual literature on practical subjects relating to cat care.

    What success will look like

    measured by the positive responses to our materials and the positive effect is has on the owners knowledge and cats welfare.

  • Impact


    we envisage working with local veterinary practices to spread our message about responsible, basic care for all felines in such a way as to seek to improve the perception of the local population of their pet cats.

    By teaching the public to understand a cats complex needs and how differences in care can affect mental /physical state should subsequently reducing pressures on cat rescues in the region. We will continue to track statistics and gain feedback on advice given.


    Potentially we could have problems in partnering with veterinary practices to get our information to the public. To combat this we have invested time in establishing links with respected members of the veterinary profession for recognition of the project, its content and its purpose.


    Regular email updates will be circulated updating donors on progress, publishing dates and uptake as well as results.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £2,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,000 Printing Printing of individual leaflets on first 5 care subjects.
      £500 Printing First run of the complete cat care guide.
      £500 Printing subsequent printing costs for re- runs should funds allow.
  • Background


    East Central Scotland is a mixed and dense population from many backgrounds. It is a densely populated area of diverse cultural backgrounds with many different ideals of animal welfare. Through providing detailed guides we hope to standardise the care provided to cats throughout the region.


    Ultimately both cats and their owners. An improvement in general cat welfare and care will subsequently enable owners to attain a fuller understanding of their chosen pet, how best to interact and achieve the most beneficial relationship for both parties.

    With more considerate, responsible care we hope owners will be less likely to abandon their pets and help reduce stray cat populations thereby improving neighbourhoods and possible disease transmission.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    One of our core focus areas is education. Our social media sites, website and newsletters are all geared towards education and working with the community to improve welfare standards.

    We have the knowledge, drive and passion for felines to take this project forward and have worked hard to network with the veterinary profession to take our work forward.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sarah Ross

    Co Founder and main driver of our educational materials and advice services.