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CRUMBS on the move! Disability catering project.

Supporting people in Bournemouth with mental health issues and learning disabilities - CRUMBS trains vulnerable adults in catering, baking and hospitality skills in a real workplace environment. BUT we now need to expand further so that more people can benefit so we need to find BIGGER premises.

August 2012 - August 2013

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The CRUMBS Project

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  • Need


    We have run out of room!! Our current rented premises are just too small to take on any more trainees on the CRUMBS training programme. Our project has successfully proven that beneficiaries report increased confidence and self esteem, improved communication and concentration, new skills and qualifications; a positive step forward towards employment and increased life chances. We need a building that will pull all of CRUMBS food and training services under one roof - we need a HUB.


    If we can raise enough money to put towards the purchase of our own building we shall be able to bring to the charity more security and provide a solid foundation on which we can develop and expand our training further. With more room we shall also be able to develop our social enterprise food services which will allow us to generate more income to work towards becoming more sustainable and less reliant on grants to pay core costs.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To move into a central HUB so that our training and baking/cooking/catering services can expand.


    » We need to raise enough money as we can as a development fund to use towards the purchase of a suitable building locally in which to develop further.

    Success will be... raising £100,000 towards the purchase of CRUMBS own building.

  • Impact


    We will measure success by being able to consolidate our training and catering services - providing more space for development so that we can offer more people the opportunity to train and learn with us. Seeing more of our trainees gain employment and move on to lead more independent lives. See continued improvement in the health and wellbeing of our beneficiaries.


    There is a risk that we do not find a suitable building for us in the Bournemouth area but we are motivated and positive, we have done the strategic planning, now all we need is a bit of luck, a building and donations to help us on our way. Once moved in we will work hard to expand our catering services to generate more income to sustain the charity.


    Donors can be as involved as little or as much as they wish. We will report on the progress of the premises search and the outcome. They will be invited to come along and visit us, be part of our opening celebrations and hopefully continue to support us along the way.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £100,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £100,000 HUB Building Part payment towards a new building to house the CRUMBS training HUB in Bournemouth
  • Background


    We were established in Bournemouth in 1996 and wish to remain very much a local charity to Bournemouth. However once we secure larger premises we shall be able to take in trainees from surrounding areas such as Poole, Christchurch, Dorset, even nearby Hampshire.


    Direct beneficiaries will be adults with mental illness, learning disabilities, stabilised addiction or head injury - all who have a wish to learn and work and lead more fulfilling lives. Indirectly our trainees families, carers, partners will all benefit from improved relationships due to improved confidence, health and communication. Statutory organisations as well as health professionals will benefit from being able to refer their patients to an experienced and caring organisation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Established in 1996 CRUMBS has built a sound reputation as an excellent training provider for people with specific needs such as mental health and learning disabilities. Recognised by Bournemouth Borough Council and local health professionals in the field of mental health, CRUMBS received referrals from a wide variety of referrers including statutory and voluntary agencies. CRUMBS staff are experienced, volunteers are committed and passionate and our Board of Trustees are skilled.

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    Lorraine Dabner

    Chief Executive - under instruction of the Board leads on the implementation of the charity's strategic plan and relocation.

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