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Ending Elderly Isolation in Central Hounslow

We provide a simple solution for isolated and lonely elderly people. Once a month, volunteer drivers bring elderly guests to the homes of volunteer hosts for a tea party, where good friends are made. We have a long waiting list of guests for Hounslow and need money and volunteers to do so.

We are hoping to launch this new friendship group by the end of July 2013. From then on our groups run for an average of 12 years.

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Contact the Elderly

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  • Need


    Isolation is a growing problem among elderly people, especially in large cities like London, where many have no regular contact with anyone, due to limited mobility and the passing of friends and family.

    We know there are many isolated elderly in Central Hounslow but we have neither the volunteer hosts nor the funding to start a new group - so if you are interested and live in the area please get in touch, alternatively please do donate so that we can focus on attracting those who are!


    We support groups across the UK who meet each month, with volunteer drivers taking the same group of elderly people for afternoon tea in a volunteer host's home. Soon friendships are made and relationships formed. Our elderly guests grow in confidence and 86% have told us that they feel happier as a result, with 38% saying their general health has improved. We have one group in Hounslow with a long waiting list so we aim to launch a new one in the area to reach many more isolated elderly people.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Relieve the acute isolation and loneliness of at least 8 elderly people in Central Hounslow


    » Recruit volunteer drivers and hosts for the new group, carrying out DBS and reference checks.
    » Recruitment includes leafleting in libraries, GP surgeries, and shop and Sending press releases to local publications.
    » Liaise with social services and voluntary agencies to ensure we help the most isolated, giving advice and support to volunteers and members.
    » Volunteer drivers will bring the guests to the volunteer’s houses once a month on a Sunday (indicated as the loneliest day of the week for the 75+).

    We hope to launch this group in June/July 2013, providing an opportunity for isolated elderly people to begin socialising and making friends.

  • Impact


    Once launched the group will run for many years, recruiting new members and allowing long-term relationships to form. We will provide ongoing support to the group, ensuring that we are able to fulfil our promise of never letting an elderly person down.


    It is not uncommon for groups to be quite small when they launch, however over time, and as word of mouth spreads, most groups grow to support at least 8 elderly people.
    Additionally there is a risk that one of our volunteer drivers or hosts could pull out at the last minute. We will make sure that this never has to mean the cancellation of a tea party by keeping a list of reserve drivers and hosts, and providing emergency funds for taxis etc.


    We will always keep donors updated with developments in the group leading up to the launch, and will post stories and pictures on our blog.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,201

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,466 Development Officer Salary Tracey, our local development officer will spend approx. 4 hours a week for a year working on this.
      £850 Recruitment Volunteer and member recruitment costs, including distribution of leaflets and posters
      £470 Training and Expenses Volunteers are trained to support our members. Also emergency costs
      £415 Management and Administration Pro rata contribution to management and administration costs
  • Background


    We already have one group in Hounslow which is running well, but is at full capacity. As Hounslow is a large area and we know that there are more isolated elderly people in the area we have decided to launch a new group focussed on Central Hounslow.


    The main beneficiaries of our group will be isolated elderly people aged 75+, who live alone and have little support from family and friends.
    Our volunteers also benefit from our groups; gaining confidence, skills, and making new friends.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been running our groups since 1965, and currently support over 500 groups across the UK. Our regional staff are able to provide support to local groups and identify areas where we can launch new groups.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Tracey Leighton- Regional Development Officer For South West London

    Tracey will managing the entire group development process from recruitment through to launch.


will pay for volunteer and member recruitment

"I felt that I had come out of a dark tunnel into the light. Before I joined Contact I thought my life had ended - and now it's started again!"

Edith, 85