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Project information

Reach Out Card for disabled children

The project aims to increase opportunities for disabled children to visit leisure and play activities, to have more frequent quality time with their family and siblings, and to raise awareness of the access needs of disabled children among providers of leisure and play activities.

The project will take six months to set up and launch, and will run for one year. The scheme will continue after one year for as long as funding is available.

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  • Need


    A survey among parents in West Sussex in 2011 showed that for many families the cost of visiting attractions and leisure venues with their disabled child and other siblings was often prohibitive and therefore opportunities for physical and mental stimulation and social interaction are significantly reduced. Children with disabilities have a right to be able to interact with their families and the non-disabled community in activities where they can be stimulated and be physically active.


    Play and leisure providers will be encouraged to offer free/discounted places for disabled children, and given disability awareness guidance if needed. Families with disabled children will register for the ‘Reach Out’ card that entitles them to the free/discounted offers at venues registered with the scheme.

    Information about the offers will be published online and in a Directory of Venues, and by communication with disabled children to increase awareness of opportunities in the community.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Disabled children have more opportunity for physical and emotional stimulation and socialising


    » Encourage play and leisure providers in West Sussex to offer discounts and free places for disabled children and accept the Reach Out Card.
    » Develop a Reach Out Card and set up an application process.
    » Process applications from families with disabled children and allocate a Card to each applicant.
    » Create a Directory of Venues, and Reach Out Card website to raise awareness of the opportunities and access to disability awareness guidance.

    What success will look like

    Success will be 750 families having and using the Card, and 30 venues agreeing to offer free or discounted places in the first year of the Card Scheme.

  • Impact


    In the long term the project will encourage greater participation of disabled children in their community and with their non-disabled siblings and peers. Families will feel better enabled to provide access to appropriate physical and emotional stimulation for their disabled child. Public places and leisure activities will have a raised awareness of the access and support needs of the children with disabilties.


    There is a risk that some leisure attractions and venues will be unwilling to consider discounted or free places which may impact on the benefit and take up of the card. This will be mitigated by furthering our reach to include out-of-county venues, by ensuring that information about those venues that already offer a discount are well publicised, and working with Card schemes in other areas to identify other opportunities that may benefit disabled children in West Sussex.


    Donors will receive a quarterly bulletin on the numbers of cards applied for, venues registered and offers and discounts made.

    An annual survey with families and venues will gather data on how the card has been used and benefited the children, and its impact on venues.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £63,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £16,500 Manager Set up, launch, negotiate venue offers, disability guidance tools, monitor, finance
      £15,500 Administrator Process applications, promote scheme, post information on website, produce Directory
      £8,000 Software Database to store cardholders, venues, produce correspondence, analyse stats
      £6,300 Consumables Cards, print, paper, phone, post
      £3,200 Website Development of web pages
      £13,500 Overheads HR, finance, IT, fees, insurance, licences, utilities
  • Background


    The Scheme will be available to all disabled children in West Sussex.


    3,800 (based on available demographics) or more children, aged 0-18, with a wide range of disabilities and special needs could benefit from this scheme. Their parents and carers would also benefit.

    There will be benefits for 30 or more venues in West Sussex willing to give discounts or free places to the beneficiaries. They will be able to make their activities more inclusive, enhance staff disability awareness, increase income and demonstrate social responsibility.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    ICIS is trusted provider of information with a proven track record in developing directories and supporting disabled children and adults by providing information. In 2009 we developed an innovative information website for disabled children for the Aiming High for Disabled Children programme and continue to develop this. We set up and ran a Carers Emergency Alert Card Scheme for many years. We have robust procedures to ensure compliance with data protection, copyright and intellectual property.

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    Liz Hall

    Liz's experience of the disability sector in West Sussex, and skills in project, information and budget management will be essential to its success.

    Gemma Orpwood

    Gemma's skills in developing database and web projects in collaboration with individuals and providers, and process management will be essential.