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Project information

Educating Pakistan's Forgotten

1 in 10 of the worlds out of school primary aged children live in Pakistan. TCF builds and manages a network of high-performing schools to transform the lives of these forgotten children of Pakistan, those denied their most basic right to reach their potential and aspire to a better life


Charity information: The Citizens Foundation (UK)

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  • Need


    Pakistan places second in the global ranking of out of school children, one in three of its' children will never see the inside of a classroom. As a result of years of entrenched problems in education delivery in Pakistan, 58% of the adult population cannot read or write. The human and monetary implications of this education emergency are devastating; 60 million Pakistani's live in extreme poverty and the cost to an already struggling state amounts to a flood disaster every year


    The Citizens Foundation builds and professionally manages schools in economically disadvantaged and educationally deprived urban slums and rural villages across the whole of Pakistan. All 830 TCF schools deliver a quality and holistic education, designed in-house by a team of education experts, in purpose-built, solid buildings to the countries most disadvantaged children. Through a range of targeted measures, we boast a near 50% female enrollment rate and high-levels of student achievement

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide the life-changing gift of a quality education to 180 impoverished children


    » Cover the support costs of two TCF primary schools for the 2013-14 academic year

    What success will look like

    Success to TCF is every child we take off the street and put into a school; we will monitor student enrollment, with a particular focus on retaining a 50% female enrollment rate

  • Impact


    TCF schools produce confident, independent-thinking and civic-minded children and young adults. We achieved a 98% student pass rate in the most recent Nationwide Board Exams, and 70% of our students go on to pursue post-secondary education; this is comparable to only 39% of children from government schools. In its' 17 year history, already 200 of our female students have returned to TCF as teachers; a sure sign that we are affecting positive social change on a personal and national scale


    Given TCF-UK's 11 years of experience of fundraising for TCF, we calculate little to no risks in this project - TCF-UK constantly monitors every aspect of TCF. Last year, TCF-UK supported 70 schools successfully, educating approximately 9,700 underprivileged students


    TCF provides annual school reports which contain enrollment figures, details of the school campus and photos. We will also be able to provide information on annual results days and student weeks. The TCF-UK office will also be on hand to provide organisational updates, and answer any donor queries

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £21,600

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,153 Salaries and wages For teaching and ground staff
      £3,456 Replacement costs Depreciation costs for school furniture
      £1,944 School Supplies Text books, uniforms etc
      £1,944 Head Office Planning & Manage To ensure efficacy of our education model reaffirm transparency and accountability
      £4,103 Other expenses Less than5%-monitoring,vehicle fuel,building repair,training&evaluation,utilities,stationary,printin
  • Background


    TCF has a network of 910 schools, all located in urban and rural slums across the whole of Pakistan. Areas that are characterised by poverty and high levels of educational deprivation. TCF undertakes an extensive needs and feasibility analysis prior to a school build, which assesses income and literacy levels, poverty and a range of other indicators to ensure our schools meet the need where it is greatest.


    Children who would otherwise be left without an education. A study into the TCF model also demonstrated TCF's impact in passing improved hygiene practices into the wider community and on promoting changed perceptions of female education - proving our work has community-wide benefits

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    TCF produces outstanding educational and community outcomes year after year. With 18years of experience, it is internationally recognised for its' innovative approach to education for all. TCF is a recipient of Skoll, Rockerfeller Foundation and WISE awards for innovative practice and has been initiated as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, as a leader in the field of education. TCF-UK was awarded Times Educational Supplement charity of the year 2011 following trips to TCF schools

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    Amina Salahuddin


Improving the quality of life in our communities

Improving the quality of life in our communities


Educate a child for a year

I love the way our teachers help us dare to dream. They make us believe nothing is impossible in life

Muhammad Faisal, 16 year old student at a TCF secondary school in Karachi