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IT Schools Africa's mission is to transform IT education in Africa by supplying schools with refurbished computers. In delivering this mission, the charity seeks to do as much good as possible in the UK and runs an active Community Programme to benefit groups of disadvantaged people.


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  • Need


    Education and IT training for prisoners in countrywide prisons to solve some of the problems faced when they are released without skills and with little hope of finding employment, thus the possibility that they may reoffend. Tackling the problems of the long-term unemployed in the current unstable economic climate and poor job market. Offering practical work experience placements to local schoolchildren each year including a small number who have special needs.


    The HM Prison 'Restorative Justice' programme was set up so that prisoners in five prison workshops could do useful work that benefits others while at the same time gaining skills and self-respect to help them on release. The back-to-work programme provides work experience for the long-term unemployed, helping to improve confidence and self esteem so that they can secure permanent work. The charity also provides work experience placements for local schoolchildren and special needs pupils.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To continue to run the HM Prison 'Restorative Justice' programme in five prisons in the country.


    » Each month ship approximately 100 computers and a matching number of hard drives to each prison.
    » The prisoners then: clean the PCs inside and out; refit the hard drive; upgrade the PC; undertake fault finding and repair; perform functional test.
    » Ship back the computers to IT Schools Africa at the end of the month. The prisoners can also clean and pack the computers ready for despatch.

    Success will receive between 400 and 500 computers per month back from the prisons, something the charity would struggle to achieve using only its own facilities.

    Aim 2

    Provide work experience for the long-term unemployed on Job Centre Plus back-to-work programmes.


    » In partnership with BTCV and Prospect Training Services accept approximately 30 back-to-work placements per year.
    » Based on performance during the placement, support those who took part on their job search by providing references.

    Success will be...improved confidence and self-esteem and improved discipline and skills of the workplace eg. timekeeping and teamworking, hopefully leading to secure employment.

    Aim 3

    Provide work experience for local schoolchildren and a small number of children with special needs.


    » Provide work experience and practical experience of a wide range of jobs from warehouse work to technical refurbishment for local schoolchildren.
    » Provide a small number of placements for people with special needs, including Aspergers syndrome, mental health problems or excluded pupils.

    Success will be...providing practical experience of a wide range of jobs helping to improve their confidence and team skills and giving them an insight into the workplace.

  • Impact


    The feedback from the prisoners involved is very positive. They find the work challenging and interesting and there is a strong sense of engagement with IT Schools Africa and its mission. Providing the routine of meaningful work and improving practical IT skills enhances the possiblities of both prisoners and long-term unemployed finding employment. We demonstrate success by continuing to offer work experience placements and by expanding these programmes.


    Two of the prisons in the programme are high-security establishments. However, the workshops are well supervised and secure.


    In the UK we review a range of performance indicators on a weekly basis, including computer donations received; computers refurbished by IT Schools Africa and the prisons; computers shipped to Africa; and the value of UK computer sales. The Programme Director also provides an End of Year Report.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £38,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £18,000 Salary 100% of IT Trainer's salary
      £10,000 Salary 50% of Managers salary
      £2,000 Volunteers Volunteers in warehouse
      £5,000 Packaging Premises/equipment/packaging
      £3,000 Transport Transport costs
  • Background


    Warehouse at our Cheltenham headquarters
    Prisons at Worcestershire; Cambridgeshire; Cardiff; Staffordshire; and Hampshire
    Country programmes in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe


    Prisoners in five countrywide prisons
    Long-term unemployed in the county of Gloucestershire
    School pupils and special needs pupils in Gloucestershire schools
    African children in some of the poorest parts of the world - Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    IT Schools Africa has been involved in this type of work since 2004 and we have equipped more than 1,700 school in Africa with IT labs and trained over 700 teachers. We are making a substantial difference in the UK and support computer refurbishment workshops in five prisons and provide practical work experience for the long-term unemployed, college students and local school children.

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    Tim Barnes, Programme Director

    Responsible for all UK operations and co-ordinating and monitoring the shipments of computers.

    Monis Khalifa, Technical Manager

    Supervision and training of volunteers, work experience pupils and long-term unemployed back-to-work placements. Manage technical workshop operation.