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Project information

Sowing Seeds for Environmental Transformation

Engage pupils in environmental work
Raising attainment in core subject areas through alternative delivery method
Develop online interactive support package for teachers linking cross curricular activity Maths English Science Art RE with direct environmental improvements within school

April 2013 - March 2014

Charity information: Faiths4change

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  • Need


    Need for good, interactive, practical resources to support teaching on the environment linking with curriculum. Specifically targeted to children from deprived areas who respond positively to alternative teaching methods and to opportunities that raise their aspirations for learning and future success. To encourage character building to enable young people to learn about, take responsibility for and become active in creating sustainable communities in their neighbourhoods.


    Develop resources unique to F4C & to help & assist communities link deprivation to educational attainment. Developed/trialled & personal to schools so they become practical. Will specifically bring in our experiences of the faith sector by working in the context of the outdoor classroom environment, bringing faith/religious study into the wider curriculum in practical ways -the Natural World – Literacy Science Biodiversity Sustainability Science English Maths Geography Biology

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Develop an Interactive Multi Sensory/Spiritual/Cross Curricular Learning Experience for Schools.


    » Pilot Programme. A mixture of consultation, research, development, resource production, outdoor development of an outdoor exemplar area

    What success will look like

    Staff will have received support, training and transferrable experiences ensuring long term sustainability.

  • Impact


    The skills gained from sustainable food growing & related outdoor activities enable young people to care for themselves, their environment & their neighbourhood.
    Our links with Myerscough College will develop interactive resources, curricular study & additional support to schools involved with the pilot programme & post legacy opportunities. Schools will gain valuable use of the partnership with Myerscough College leading to potential careers in horticulture.


    There is a risk that schools would not take part in the pilot programme. However, we have already established that our potential pilot schools are interested & would be willing to take part. This would be an extension of the services we already provide. Contacts we have in schools have indicated that there is a real need for this & would be a valuable asset to the schools and pupils. Faiths4Change is able to be responsive to individual needs and so make it even more valuable and relevant.


    Report results of pilot programme to donors through: evidence collected, support package produced and testimony of teachers and users. Complete pilot schools projects – ensure schools receive full documented evidence of their individual programmes for future sustainability

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,000 Resources Interactive service programme
      £1,000 Research & Development material costs
      £1,000 Materials For workshops
      £3,000 Site Exemplar site development & construction at Academy of St Francis of Assisi
      £5,000 PR & Marketing on-going support & post pilot programme
  • Background


    Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Anglican/Catholic Academy, Kensington, Liverpool. Committed to sustaining environment locally and globally.
    & St Michael's RC Primary School, Kensington, Liverpool, .
    Kensington, Liverpool is one of the highest IMD ares in the country. Pupils from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


    Teachers and young people from both schools.
    The project also seeks to include work within the community. Both schools are making moves to engage with the communities they are in.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Faiths4Change has been utilising the resources and support of faith communities in England’s North West to access hard to reach groups since inception in 2004. We have proven ability to deliver innovative programmes in schools, often linked to our strong faith based background that builds on our experience to deliver positive programmes that can make a difference within the whole school community.

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    Calvin Stockton

    Associate Project Manager Schools Food Growing, Faith Gardens environmental awareness, sustainability, health & well-being. Eco- Parents